Have You Halloweened Your Porch?

4 years ago

Have you Halloweened your porch yet?  In other words, have you set up a spooky yet inviting entry for trick-or-treaters?  Have you adorned your patio in the spirit of things?  Even a carved jack-o-lantern with a candle inside will do.  Well, we want to do better than that.  Take a gander at a few of these inspiring porches to get you into the Halloween decorating mood.

A Pop of Pretty has a porch that pops.  The bold letters spelling BOO on the door and the ghosts greeting you as you walk up to the home immediately let you know that this place is going to have good candy.  You can always tell the houses with good candy from a mile away.  While the kids are getting the good stuff the parents waiting on the curb will equally appreciate the Halloween handiwork.

I of course had to share my own patio.  With over 100 people scheduled to attend this year’s annual Halloween party I had to be sure to use every square foot of my home for entertaining - that includes the back patio.  I spend more time on the patio watching my kids frolic than almost anywhere else in the entire house.  It only makes sense that I would decorate this area to make it festive and inviting as well.

Don’t want to have to change your porch décor out in November?  Go for a more general fall look like Debra from The Bungalow did.  Dried corn, gilded pumpkins and grapevine wreaths give her porch and patio a sophisticated feel.  Ya see, sometimes you can be festive without being funky.

Now how are you going to welcome the trick-or-treaters this year?

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