Hallway Makeover with a Stencil

4 years ago

January is always the perfect time of the year to take on an indoor project. Since you can't be outside in the garden {at least not where I live}, then why not clean out your closets, or stencil your hallway. It's a easy makeover, but one with huge impact. I say enough with flat walls, let's give them some personality!

Moroccan Stencils

Although I love the walls in my old home, I was getting a little tired of their lack-luster look and decided a stencil would be the perfect opportunity to spice things up. I used the Heritage Grill Allover Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils and couldn't be happier with the makeover on not one, but all four walls in my upstairs hallway. The hall was a great place to have a little fun with a stencil so off I went.

  • Stencil - I used the Heritage Grill Allover stencil found here
  • Paint of your choice - I used chalk paint by Annie Sloan for this in Pure White.
  • Small paint roller - For this size of a space I recommend using a small, quality roller. I invested in these Purdy Jumbo Mini Rollers since they make good stuff and I use mini rollers a lot. {Affiliate link}
  • Painters tape
  • Stencil adhesive
  • Large drop cloth
  • Pencil, level, tap measure, ladder as needed

Stencil Supplies

How to Stencil

To start, I measured the largest wall space and made a line where the middle of that space was and marked at the very top of the wall by the ceiling. Then I put the middle of the stencil up to the middle of that line, making sure it was level and used painters tape to secure it to the wall in all 4 corners. I did use stencil adhesive, which is sold in craft stores, and it helped to keep the stencil flat while I used the paint roller. First I stenciled that space, then moved the stencil directly below it, lining up the openings where the next section would go and stenciled that part. I worked my way straight down the wall until I got to the bottom. That way there was minimal overlap of the stencil and less chance for smearing, and the top part of the wall was dry for me to move on to stencil there.

Using a Stencil on a wall

I continued to work this way all around the walls. At the end of the first day, I made sure to do as many parts of the walls as I could, so they would dry overnight and I could overlap the stencil to complete more of the walls. Since this is a hallway, I had lots of incomplete sections to stencil. Versus one large flat wall space, I had seven doorways to work around, and nine foot ceilings. Talk about lots of moving of the stencil! At the end of the first day this is what I had. Mostly completed areas, with lots of trim to finish up. Stencil Makeover

This stencil came with a top part and small section of the stencil for you to use for just this. And my particular stencil was such a repeat pattern, that it worked perfectly for me. One way I found worked best for the trim against the door frames and along the baseboards was to sponge on the paint. I simply held or taped up my stencil part and dipped a piece of foam {from upholstery} lightly into the paint and then sponged it onto the wall on the stencil. It worked perfect and went pretty fast. Since there was a lot of this to do, I did as much as I could one day and then waited overnight for it to dry before continuing on parts that overlapped.

Stenciling Trim

This project took me two weekends of stenciling, but of course that included sleeping in, dinner out, breaks in between and all kinds of other activities. It was not 4 solid days of stenciling and actually Dan commented on how fast it went. Did you see my updates on Instagram? Now I will stop blabbering and get to the after pictures! First, above the doorways. I love the way the stencil "ended" so cleanly at the ceiling and above the frames. Like it was meant for my hallway!

DIY Stencil

Here is the largest wall space. I love seeing the large expanse of the pattern on the wall. I'm totally happy with how it came out.

Stencil Before and After

Here is a closeup of the stencil on the wall. You can see how crisp the lines come out using a roller and the subtle variations in the paint, which I actually love. They give it some depth. This is a very accurate color portrayal of Creamy Mushroom by Behr, the wall color, and the Pure White by Annie Sloan, the stencil/pattern color.

Heritage Grill Allover Stencil

Here are some before and after pictures of the hallway. The stencil gives it such personality!

Stencil on Wall

This is the right side of the hallway from the front of the house, where my famous Keep Calm and Carry On poster is. Such a difference right?

Hallway with Stencil

This is now the new view of that part of the hall, looking out from our bedroom. It definitely spices up my view.

How to Stencil

And we since added some of Dan's artwork to the walls. He is a graphic designer and illustrator and we love having his original work showcased in our home.

Wall Stencils

Decorating with Stencils

Wall Decorating Ideas Stencils

Details of this Project
  • Wall color: Creamy Mushroom by Behr
  • Stencil: Heritage Grill Allover Stencil by Cutting Edge Stencils
  • Stencil paint color: Pure White by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
  • Tools used: Paint tray, small roller, adhesive stencil spray, painters tape

I love this stencil so much I even used it to make a table runner for the dining room. Did you see it on my holiday home tour? It's amazing what a different look you can get with a stencil just by the background color and paint you use. And it's so easy to see how they can be used for crafts and other home decor.

Holiday Decorations

What do you think? Have you ever wanted to try a stencil project?

Come see more pictures of this makeover and all of my DIY projects on Decor Adventures.

Decor Adventures

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