Halloween Candy Wreath

5 years ago

My husband and I have a 3.5-year-old mini-Aussie named Rocky who loves to howl and bark at anyone who knocks on the door or rings the doorbell. This makes Halloween the worst night of the year for us.

Example of how a guest is greeted on a normal night at our house:

They enter our front yard. Rocky starts pawing at the window and vocalizing to us, that someone is approaching. Then they walk up the step to the door. Rocky lunges at the doorknob. One of us must hold on to him (all 35 wiggly pounds of him), while the other answers the knock at the door. Rocky will undoubtedly get loose and run to great the visitor at the door. He will run out the front door because of his excitement. There is lots of yelling and shouting at Rocky to get him back inside and minimize the amount of jumping on the visitor as possible. Eventually, the guest leaves and the house will return to its normal calm and quiet state.  

Halloween multiplies this terror by 50 (give or take).

Our solution last year was to place a bowl of candy outside the house with a sign that said, “Please take one.” All was well and good with the world until about 10:30PM. I had to work that evening and when I came home, I was surprised to find that there was still a decent amount of candy left in the bowl. A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Oops, someone did not see the sign. The above “guest-greeting procedure” was followed as my husband began to say, “Help yourself to the candy in the b…” Someone stole our candy. Not just the candy, they stole my BOWL! It was by best large baking bowl and they took it! Since it was so late in the evening, we turned off our lights and wrote a sign that said, “Sorry someone stole all our candy.”

I was determined not to let that happen this year! I am not leaving out a bowl to be stolen again this year.

My solution: a Styrofoam wreath of Dum-Dums! This way all the younger kids who Trick-or-Treat early will be able to help themselves to a yummy treat and if someone wants to go ahead and steal it later in the night; go ahead! It is just Styrofoam!


You too can make your own Styrofoam Wreath of Dum-Dums before the Halloween Trick-or-Treaters reach your front door tonight!

-One Styrofoam Wreath form from your local craft store
-2 - 200 count bags of Dum-Dums (more if your wreath is bigger than 9” diameter)
-Simple Wall Hanger

Cut all the lollipop sticks in half. Otherwise, you will have stick poking out the back of your wreath and it won’t lay flat against your door!

Then, start pushing the lollipop sticks into the Styrofoam form grouping them as close together as possible. I started with the borders and worked my way around the form.

It took me only about 2 hours to finish the entire project.

To Hang:

We bought one of those No-Residue left behind hangers so that we could position the wreath at a height low enough for the littlest of Trick-or-Treaters!

Remove one Dum-Dum from the inner circle. This is where the wall hanger will rest. Mount it on your door and Ta-Da. A wreath of candy lollipops accessible to Trick-or-Treaters and that will (hopefully) prevent people from knocking on your door or ringing your doorbell!


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