Hair sticks and Hair Combs

3 years ago

Ornaments for your Tresses

If there is one thing women can admit to is we go crazy over our hair. We do things to our hair that God never meant for hair to do. We curl it and crimp it with hot irons and strange oblong rollers. We color with dye that in all reality could make us bald. We spray copious amounts of hair spray in it and attempt to get it to sit up like a lap dog. Then once we are done we go out and gush over somebody’s hair with jealous zeal.

In response the retailers of the world jumped on the band wagon and offered head bands, bobby pins, hair combs and small fancy beads. If you hail from the UK you can also enjoy the over the top hats and combs that Europe became famous for ever since Princess Beatrice wore a pink ensemble that resembled a toilet lid. However those who don’t have access to such things need not fear....there are some things you can create in order to make your hair unique!

Hair sticks are great for use with long hair especially hair that hasn’t gotten a lot of get up and go. I myself have long rather limp hair that I have to fight with in order to give it volume and yet every time I get in the ring with it my ego gets as flat as my hair style. So I decided if my hair was going to be such a pain I might as well try something a little different.

I bought some chopsticks and sanded them down until they were smooth. Then I took a very small drill bit, you can ask the man in your life to do this, and drilled holes either at the thickest top part or through it across. Once that was done I painted it with wood varnish to seal in the wood and prevent chips and slivers of wood from getting caught in my hair.

If you don’t want to use wood varnish any craft store sells many different kinds of sealants for wood crafts and clay crafts. Check them out and be sure to check for any kind of allergy you may have before you paint the chopsticks. I decided in this case I wanted to paint the sticks white. white is not the best color because of the fact it can get dirty and hair color can bleed on it but I very much wanted something romantic so white it was. I than painted some small flowers on it.

Once they were dried I moved on to the decoration. I had some lovely dots that had been bought for a scrap booking project. the sweet pink color was a wonderful compliment to my color choice. At this point you can branch out however you like. A pearl and cubic zirconia wrap around the top of the stick would be lovely. A string of pearls dangling from the top of the step would add a very classy look. One thing you must keep in mind however is not to make any dangles too heavy.

Once your decorations are attached glue them with super glue or some other very strong glue and then seal the hair stick to keep both the paint and the decorations safe.

Another thing to use would be hair combs. Hair combs unlike hair sticks have a much broader base to work on. Taking a piece of poser board you can cut out any shape you like and glue it to the hair comb. Once that is done you can paint and or add decorations of any kind. I did a hair piece using shells which turned out to be very popular. I also made a comb for a wedding in England which was a lot of fun and gave me a chance to purchase specialty feathers and become familiar with them.
If you are craft with wire you can wire up tiny flowers on regular bobby pins or you can make a crown which frames your face. Try getting adventurous...think Angeline Jole in Maleficent. A true statement when it comes to crowns. There isn’t any reason why you can’t be inspired by fantasy, sci fi, or royalty.

After all it’s your hair and you can certainly dress it up however you wish even if you decide not to wear it out of the house.

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