Growing Your Craft Blog With Link Parties

6 years ago
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Some of the very first advice I received when starting up my craft blog was to link up to link parties to help my blog grow. I remember thinking to myself- "what in the heck is a link party? and why in the world would that help my blog grow?"
So I did a little research and figured out that a link party is basically a way to connect with other bloggers, show off your stuff, and possibly get featured on bigger blogs.
Sounds awesome right?? I thought so...
So I started linking up. Within the first week I was already getting lots of new exposure for my blog and getting featured on craft blogs that I felt like were "the big blogs" in the world of crafting blogs. It was pretty cool. Now, obviously not everything I link up to link parties gets featured by any means, but when I feel like I have worked really hard on a project, it is nice to be able to "show off" my project to others and link parties are the perfect way to do this. 
So if you are new to link parties... I have come up with a tutorial on how to "link up"... It is super easy so don't be afraid!
There are two main types of link party companies that I have seen used around blogland: Inlinkz {which I use on my blog} and Linky Tools.
My tutorial will show you how to link up to inlinkz link parties, but every link party you will link up to will be very similar.
Step #1: Scroll to the bottom of the post for the link party in which you would like to link up to. At the bottom there will be a button that says "add your link" or something similar.
Step #2: Click on the "add your link" button and the screen will pop up a place to add your information.
Step #3: Entering your information. This is the most important part
Where is says "URL" that is where you are going to paste the link to your post you are wishing to share. It is important that you put the link to the specific post and not just a link to your main page in this spot. Where it says "name" it is asking for the name of your project or post... not your actual name. {I have made that mistake a time or two! ha ha}. Where is says "email" add in your email. This is not shown on your link to anyone except the person who's blog you are linking your post to. This is mainly so that person can contact you in the case that they may be featuring your project on their blog or maybe if they want to get to know you better through email.
Step #4: Click the button that says "Next step".
Step #5: Now it will take you to a screen that has pictures that can be found on your blog. You are going to select the picture that you feel represents your post the best.  {Tip- Always choose a picture that will entice the reader to click on your link to see more!} 
Step #6: Move the crop box to where you want it to crop and hit the "crop the selected area" button. 
That's it. Now your link has been added to the collection of links! {keep in mind that sometimes it takes the link collection a couple of seconds to process your image so it may not show up right away- don't worry- refresh after a minute to make sure that the link is there and it always is!}
So once I had been linking up to link parties for a couple months, I decided that I would host my own link parties for other bloggers to come link up to. My link party is hosted every Tuesday on my blog... I call it Ta-Da Tuesday since it is a time for everyone to say "Ta-Da" and show off the things they have been working on all week! So far I have been hosting link parties for 6 months and I am loving it. It gives me a chance to see what other bloggers are making and it also brings new traffic to my blog since bloggers are coming over to link up. It does cost money to host link parties, but the cost is minimal and I feel is worth the exposure that the link party gives my blog.
Like I said, I went with the Inlinkz company just because I preferred their link set up, but I have friends who have done other link party companies and like them as well! Here is a link to more about how link parties work.
I hope that this has helped anyone that is new to link parties! If you have any further questions about link parties, feel free to send me an email!

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