Groovebook: A Groovy Little App

I'm an avid Shark Tank viewer, and a few weeks ago, there was a couple on the show tryng to get help launching their app called Groovebook. Before their segment was over on Shark Tank, I had downloaded the app and signed up.

Here's how it works. For 2.99 a month, yes, it is a subscription but you can cancel at any time, you upload 100 photos from your iPhone library. During set up, or any time later, you can choose which album your photos come from.

  • download the app
  • sign up, (you have to provide a credit card)
  • upload your first 100 photos
  • wait for Groovebook to arrive
  • jump up and down when you get it!
  • get an email from Groovebook a month later reminding you it is time to upload

What could be simpler? My second Groovebook is on the way. Here is what has happened since I signed up. I started taking MORE photos with my phone. And that is always a good thing. (Remember pro-photo tip number one: the best camera is the one you have with you).

Do you wonder about the quality of the photos? I did. What exactly would I be getting for just a penny under three bucks a month? Well, they aren't stiff like photos usually are, they are much thinner. Remember, they fit in a book. a 4x6" book. They are perforated. Above the perforation and the photo, the date and time are stamped.

These photos are PERFECT for scrapbooking. Ahem, I mean UNscrapbooking. Although, I haven't had the heart to take my first Groovebook apart. Or is it that I don't have the time? 

I'm just glad that uploading is fast, delivery is about a week, I finally have photos that I can touch (I'm such a tactile person) and I give this new app 5 stars.

The developers asked me to write a review on iTunes, and I told them I would do one better and blog about it. I'm not being compensated at all, I just wanted to share the awesomeness!

~Karen Lynn


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