Google or Amazon

5 years ago

When I have a question I want a quick answer to - or want someone else to solve (like a plumber) - I go to Google.

I trust the Google oracle with definitions, turkey cooking times, images, history, facts.

When I have a deep question, I often find myself on Amazon. I want the step-by-step solution and the reason behind it? I want a book. With Kindle lighting up the sky in its meteoric explosion, chances are I want an e-book.

Making the 99 cent investment in a short book with all the answers I need is a no-brainer for me. Sure sometimes the book is free, sometimes I go as high as 7.99. But the rewards are beyond that value.

So I got wondering. Is facebook really Google's biggest competition? Yes people visit every day. And spend a lot of time there. BUT - do we go their for answers? or distraction? or connection?

Once I have done my research I will often seek confirmation from my network. Sometimes I will go to facebook to ask for input on a book I want to buy from Amazon! But as a go-to place for data? Not facebook.

As information gets more and more available, why pay? you may wonder. Because a book is distilled, digested and fast. If I find a book that has the solution laid out, why waste time on research?

Article marketing used to be - and still can be - a huge source of notoriety. But kindle? Hmm... the gears are turning.

BJ, of course, is my first client/friend that I am promoting with Kindle as I learn. Juanita though? She can teach you how to modify Husqvarna embroidery patterns, create your own unique embroidery and use all kinds of crazy embroidery thread. A market of about 50,000 - world wide. In town? about 20. Should we market locally or world wide? No-brainer again right. This is the ultimate vertical niche. And chance are - we can find them online and set her up as the expert - after all... she wrote the book on this.... well she is writing the book on this.

We are building a free marketing hourglass with Kindle and a monthly freebie plus email newsletter as the starting point. I am excited to get started.

How do you feel about free e-books? Have you ever read one? Written one?

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