Gobble, Gobble.

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Gobble Gobble

While it's true that every good turkey deserves a jaunty hat, I do realize it's probably wrong on a couple of different levels to have given this one a pilgrim's hat.  For starters, I'm guessing that Thanksgiving is probably the most hated day of the year for turkeys.  And second, are the pilgrims really politically correct anymore?  (Were they ever?)  I'm a child of the 80's, so I'm not sure what they're teaching in school these days, but I'm fairly certain the stories we were taught at my elementary school were probably...missing some key details.

In any case, as disturbing as the image above might appear to be, please know that my turkey is being ironic.  He doesn't approve of what the pilgrims inflicted upon the Native Americans and he certainly doesn't want you to eat him come this November the 22nd.  (Or any day, for that matter.)  Now that we're on the topic, cutting out those teeny tiny turkey toes did kind of make me want to turn vegetarian again.

Happy HarvestYou kind of have to admit, he's not a bad looking bird though, right??  My mom giggles when she witnesses my bizarre penchant for ahts 'n crafts.  She says I always enjoyed doing them.  "It relaxes you" she tells me, and I do believe she's right.  The compulsion to make turkeys wearing jaunty pilgrim hats is to me what chain smoking or knitting is to other people.  And now that my little baby is around to appreciate my artistic endeavors, I really have the green light to let loose with my glue stick and construction paper.  It's on!  On, I tell you!  {cue maniacal laughter.}

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