A New Project on the Needles

3 years ago

It occurred to me that I've been knitting so much lately that I should start posting some photos. In fact, doing a Work In Progress Wednesday might even inspire me to knit more because I fear your judgement get to show off what I've been working on (my kids aren't remotely impressed).

Work in Progress

And really? I can use all the motivation I can get, given that I've entered the black hole of knitting. Knitters of course know the black hole well - where the laws of physics no longer apply and you knit for days but your sweater doesn't get any longer. Do you know why shrugs and boleros were invented? Because some poor knitter knit and knit and knit and knit and her sweater never got any longer, and eventually she ran out of her exquisitely beautiful hand-dyed yarn and decided that the cropped sweater would just have to be a thing. Luckily for her, fashion loves all sorts of odd-ball looks (denim overalls of the 90s, I'm looking at you) and now the cropped sweater is here to stay. Knitters everywhere rejoice.

So my current work in progress: I originally planned to do a pullover when I bought this yarn, but then I got pregnant and realized that another couple of years of breastfeeding would make a pullover impractical. The project got ripped out and started again, this time as a nursing-friendly cardigan.

Lady Sunnyside Cardigan

I'm using the Lady Sunnyside pattern on Raverly by Tanis Lavallee. I changed it slightly by doing a garter stitch on the shoulders instead of a cable because I like things pretty simple. I think I'm happy with my decision, though I'm a bit nervous about the yarn that I chose. In a lot of lights it's actually quite pale and I'm afraid it washes me out. I've never cared about that before, so hopefully it's not something I'll dwell on once my sweater is actually done.

I mean, what are the chances of me finishing anyway?

Ha. Not funny.

In fact, to quell any rumours that I never finish anything, I'd like to present some photos of the longies that I finished weaving the ends into yesterday. Tonight they will be given a dose of lanolin, which magically will turn them from cute little baby pants to amazing leak-proof cloth diaper covers.

Second set of Knitted Cloth Diaper Pants/Longies

First set of Knitted Cloth Diaper Pants/Longies

Third set of Knitted Cloth Diaper Pants/Longies

I used the For the Little Ones pattern on Raverly by Allison Lawler. Of all the cloth diaper covers I've knit, I think this is my favourite pattern. It's easy to get the hang of - after doing one pair, I had the pattern virtually memorized, making it the perfect take along project for the park or the library. I'm working on a fourth pair right not, but to be honest, I need a break from longies.

Which is why I started the sweater. I wish I had just done a hat.

Anyway, by next week I hope to have made more progress on my sweater. Or bolero. We'll see how I'm feeling after seven more days of the black hole.

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