Gardening Wisdom For Beginners or Non-Gardeners

4 years ago

When we bought our house I was full of gardening plans. We were going to grow all thing things! Yes! All of them. Then I realized that not only did I know very little about gardening, but it would also mean an never ending battle with the local wildlife. I settled for planting an herb garden and having a few small garden containers. This time of year I dream of large gardens and I find myself reading lots of gardening posts. At some point I may be willing to take on the challenge of gardening but for now I'm reading, dreaming and drinking in the wisdom of women who do it every year.

Know Your Space

Back To Her Roots

"If you don’t have an already established growing space, you’re going to need to figure out where to put your garden. To grow veggies, you’re looking for a sunny spot—quite honestly, the sunnier the better, but you could get by with as little as 6 hours (during the summer) of direct sunlight a day. You’ll also probably want access to water for those stretches in August when you don’t see a drop of rain for weeks at a time." How to Plant a Garden -- Back to Her Roots

Everything Comes From The Soil

Marvin Smith

"Soil is the most important thing in your garden, if it’s poor, nothing will flourish. Spend your money, and your time and effort on that first, all else will come from it." 5 Lessons From My Garden -- Muddy Boot Dreams

Nourish Your Soil

Greg Younger

"If you are starting on a brand new garden you will need to improve your soil by amending it. What that means is that you will spread about a 4” layer of compost over the soil and then mix it into the existing area, ideally to a depth of 10-12”. This is best done with a shovel or spade. " Planting Your Spring Vegetable Garden -- A Healthy Life For Me

Water But Not Too Much Water


"Be sure to water, but not to much. Water is always good for a newly planted garden, but be careful to not drown your seeds and plants, where rotting can occur. Water enough so the dirt isn’t dry and crumbly, but not too much, where water drips as you form a ball out of the dirt." 10 Tips for a Successful Garden -- The Shabby Creek Cottage

Group Things Together

Cozy Little House

"Group container plantings together, as it makes for a much prettier setting. Think of it as an outdoor vignette. " Decorating Your Outdoor Space and Container Gardens -- Cozy Little House

What is the best gardening wisdom you've received?

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