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5 years ago

I have been building my tools and items that I have for gardening. Today I thought that it would be a neat idea to talk about some tools that every gardener needs. These are the basic tools. While a Hori-Hori is a great tool to have, to get started in gardening, you wont need this. I’m talking about simple easy tools, or things that you can fashion until you can get something better. With out any more talk, let us get down to it.

1. Watering Can.

You will need some sort of device to water your plants. Sure you could use a cup, but often times you will spill water where you do not intend to spill. If you are an indoor gardener, you do not want to spend your time cleaning up a wet carpet, or soak your sock. What I suggest is use a coffee creamer bottle. The spout is directed. The bottle is easy to clean, and the best part, you are able to reuse an item of plastic that would normally go to a landfill. If you do not drink coffee, I am sure there is someone you know who does.
2. A place to plant.

When i started my indoor garden, my wife had a few pots that she used to have plants in. Instead of buying more, make sure you reuse old pots. They rarely go bad (cracks and chips). Friends and family may also have extra pots for you to use. For example, my mom and dad used to have a few indoor plants. My dad now does outdoor gardening. I am sure that if I asked him if he had any extra pots that he did not mind giving away he would be glad to get rid of them. Garage sales are another great place to find old pots. Make use of those around you who are not using their pots.
3. Scissors
  Many people say you need a good pair or sheers and pruners. I say if you are starting out, open your catch all drawer, and pull out your old pair of scissors.  My pair works great. I prune hard woods, soft woods, and just everyday herbs and house plants with my pair. If you feel your scissors are too dull, you don’t need to buy a new pair, sharpen them. To sharpen your scissors take some aluminum foil, fold it over about four times, and cut with the scissors. Sharper then new now I bet. If your pair is broken or something wrong with them, dollar stores have them, and you local store should have a pair cheap.
4. Mister.
  A mister is a great idea. Some plants like to be watered from above, or do not need much water. So if you mist the base of your plants or the leafs of these plants, they will be much happier. Dust tends to get on the leafs of your plants over time, so a regular mist and clean will help the photosynthesis. Keep your plants healthy and happy. For my mister, I had spray bottle that had an air freshener in it. I know it sounds horrible for plants, but I washed it very well. There is no more scent of the air freshener any longer. I also rinse the mister out every couple of days just to be safe.
5. Imagination
     That is right. Make sure that you have an imagination. Gardening is about life, and joy, peace, and creativity. This is probably the most important tool in gardening.  Thinking of how to make a room, or a gloomy part of the garden pop with life, is one of the joys of gardening.  Also if you can think it, there is probably an answer on the internet to help you find it. Want to plant a vegetable garden but do not have much space? There are hundreds of urban gardening posts on the internet. So think of ways to bend the standard of gardening and make it your own. For example I use a fish tank to hold lights and humidity that is critical for my plants. It was my imagination (and being on a budget) that allowed me to think of such a thing. So get out there and start using your imagination.
 What are some of the tools that you have at hand for gardening? Any crazy and cool gardening techniques or items that you use? let us know in the comment section. Take a look at some other basic gardening techniques and things to know at my section Gardening Basics.
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