Fun Thing: St.Patrick's Day Printable

4 years ago
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I bet the employee that came up with the idea for the $1 Spot at Target is living in mansions, driving Benzes, and feeling stupendous right about now (Thank you Biggie). I wander through every time even when I tell myself No, no, no (Thanks Amy). I've spent a small fortune on $1 items by now for sure. Darn that cute cheap stuff! 


On my last Target run I couldn't resist these items - a clover growing kit and a burlap bag. How fun would it be to surprise friends or kids on St. Patrick's Day with this little gift?!? 


 I then made and printed out this note to tie on the bag.


I was feeling lucky so I tried making a printable for you. First time so hope it works! Click HERE to print! 



Hope you liked this little idea!


(Are you a sucker for the $1 Spot as well?)