Frozen Themed Birthday Morning Surprise

3 years ago

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If you read my Tour Through Blogland post, then you know that I wanted to create a Frozen themed winter birthday breakfast for my daughter. It is the first year her birthday falls on a school day and I wanted her to feel super special from the moment she woke up. I went with the Frozen theme because she has loved the movie since she had seen it in theaters. I thought it would be a great theme since it was a sweltering 90 degrees that day! Warm hugs are fine, but a Winter's touch was better at this point!
What I didn't picture here in this post were the crazy amount of balloons I blew up to cover her bedroom floor. I did this for her last year and she LOVED it! Also not pictured is the crape paper door curtain I made. This is also something done from last year. That's one of the reasons why I wanted to up the ante. I wanted to do something she was not expecting. I managed (how I do not know) to blow up 70+ balloons that night! Yeah, you read that right...over 70!
 **A quick bit of advice...if you plan on tackling a large amount of balloons, get help. I seriously could not breath! I completely wore out my lungs. {Oh geez!}
This is the overall look after I was done. I didn't want everything to have the Frozen characters. I went with the color scheme instead. Without curtains, there was nothing to compete with the colors. I suggest to take them down. The decor pops better. Pictured over the windows are pom poms with balloons and crepe paper strung about.


I managed to find similar colored wrapping paper to tie her presents into the atmosphere and I think it worked out great! The table linens were on loan from a local rental company and I'm so glad I went with cloth instead of plastic.


This banner is actually Cinderella themed from her 3rd birthday party. The colors fit perfectly so I simply folded in the images on either side to show only the words. The banners are fairly inexpensive and can be found on most party sites with customization included. This one was purchased from


Olaf had to play a major part in the decor because he's so darn cute! This balloon is super big, almost as big as I am! I paid $9 for it at my local grocery store because I happened to be shopping at the time and it was convenient and I was crunched for time. You could find this same balloon for less, I'm sure.


This Happy Birthday Anna and Elsa balloon was also purchased at my local grocery store and I used it to make the centerpiece for the table. I simply twisted 3 balloons in the themed colors and added this one in the center. It worked out great since it was helium filled and floated above the rest.


Now for the birthday girl's breakfast! I wanted something simple but special. It was, after all, a school morning and there was plenty to be done. I created these cute little Olaf snowman doughnut treats. 
Here's what I used:
Powdered Doughnuts
Baby Carrot Ends
Raisins for Eyes


Aren't they so cute?!


She definitely though they were! Although carrots aren't an ideal breakfast food item, she loved them all the same. :)
{In case you were wondering what was in the cup, it's 2% milk with a drop of blue food coloring. I had to jazz it up a bit.}


Here is my Princess Ana posing with one of her many birthday presents. She told me this doll was her favorite!
Even though she had to go to school on her birthday, I managed to make it special for her. She loved everything from start to finish and I'm glad I made her day. 
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