Fast Fix Friday: The Market Pantry

6 years ago
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At Bees Knees Bungalow in all the posts I’ve done during the past year, there’s one thing I’ve kept under wraps. In my kitchen I have a pantry. I haven’t shown it because it hasn’t been worthy. Until now. BlogHer was kind enough to contact me and ask me to do a “Quick Fix” project. Hmmm. What to do? What could I do in a day? Ah ha! The Pantry. It had been neglected and cluttered. I put my big girl creativity pants on and got to work. Now, the pantry is perfectly presentable.

The pantry was originally a closet in our entry way. About 5 years ago my husband, the cabinet maker, closed it off and opened up a wall in our kitchen making the pantry. He made the shelves and painted the walls yellow. It was time for the yellow to go. Here’s the before: Scary!

The Paint - 

I got to work clearing out, dusting and throwing away. I painted the walls and ceiling with beige "Oops" paint I already had. I painted the shelves a creamy white, paint I also had on hand. Already, so much better.

The Letters -

I bought these for $5 at an antique show last summer. They are cardboard vintage game pieces. I didn’t want to be normal and say “cans” or “cereal.” So I searched for quotes and found ones I like. I set to work with my letters and stuck them on with glue and a q-tip.  Instant charm.

The Market Sign -

I made this myself with a ½ inch board, 45" x 17". I painted the board 2 coats of white. I transferred "Market" onto the board with transfer paper and painted the letters black. To age it, I "stained" it with a mix of glaze and brown paint, then rubbed it off. Then, I sanded it with sand paper.

Putting Things Back -

I wanted the main view looking in not to look so cluttered. I put the prettier things like storage jars and planters in view.  Cereal and soup cans are hidden on the side. I put my corn oil/vegetable oil in a minnow bucket because they can be messy to store. Plus, the bucket is cool. I took the kid’s lunch supplies (juice boxes, granola bars, etc.) out of its original packaging and placed them in a container or tin. If that tin happens to be fabulously vintage, even better. It saves space and the kids don’t leave the empty boxes behind. (Bonus for me!)

The Wire Colander Light -

This was a $12 purchase last summer that was waiting for a home. The cabinet maker was handy and attached it to a $5 base. Adorable.

My pantry takes a bow. It took a total of 8 hours to complete. The finished product matches the rest of the kitchen. It’s organized, it’s whimsical - maybe I’ll cook.

xo Jeanne.

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