Farmhouse Table Tutorial

3 years ago

Who doesn't love a good farmhouse table, right??


 A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to buy these old chairs off a friend. So, I snatched them up with the intention of giving them a makeover and building a table to make it a whole dining set!

My idea was to make a painted and stained table, similar to this Pottery Barn table. (With a few modifications, like a thicker top)


 I started by painting the chairs in my favorite off-white color, Careless Whisper.

(Valspar paint and primer in one)

I was tired of spending so much time in the garage, so I set up painters paper in my breakfast room and got to work.

After getting all six chairs painted it was time to work on the table. We started by taking apart this table. We were stealing the legs from this small out of date table to use on our new awesome table!

After the legs were off, it was time to get started on the table top.The hubs headed up to the hardware store to get basic 2 x 6's.

 We arranged each board so they would fit together the best, and numbered each board so we wouldn't mess up the order.

We cut each board to length with our miter saw (I love that thing!) I've said it before, I feel very safe but also powerful using that saw! (Of course that's not me cutting in this picture...those are the hubs manly hands)

We used our biscuit joiner to combine the boards together. This was our first time using this tool since we got it. We were excited and nervous! (Hence the lack of pictures at this point!)

Next I had to work on the sash and table legs. The sashes are made from 1 x4's. I stained them with English chestnut - 1 coat and no sanding prep. They were going to be painted over and I just needed a little bit of color to be able to show through.

The table legs got sanded down - some of it down to the wood to show through the paint. I stained the wood that showed through to make it darker for when I painted and distressed it. Part of me loved this look and wanted to keep it like that, but that color didn't match the chairs.

Painting is FINALLY complete, and we are back to working on the table top. We distressed the top with a grinder, hammer, pattern tracing wheel (that a sewing tool!) screws, and other misc stuff.


Here's the hubs using the grinder.

Close ups of the distressed table before any staining.

We stained the table with English Chestnut, and sealed it with a matte polyurethane.

I attached the sashes with the Kreg Jig/pocket holes.

The sashes were attached 1.5" away from the edge, and 3.75" from the ends - this allowed the space for the legs.

The legs are removable for easy transportation, how awesome is that?!?

Legs are on, we are done! Just waiting for the hubs to come home and help me flip it and carry it in. (that's right...I do quite a bit of this on my own. I love power tools!)

Drum roll Please!!!


I'm in love with this new table! I want to keep it, but we have another style table in progress already. :(

If you or anyone you know is interested in this table it is for sale! Contact me for details.

In the meantime I'm enjoying getting to look at it and sit in it every once in a while!

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