Fall rosette wreath tutorial

5 years ago
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It has been decided that our door is naked without a wreath and thus, will be adorned with a wreath for every holiday. When no holiday is being celebrated, this fun scalloped wreath will be door candy. I looked around on Pinterest for a fall/Thanksgiving themed wreath and took a few ideas to come up with this...


and I love it!

Believe it or not, this baby cost me around $5 and took just a couple hours while simultaneously watching Breaking Bad episodes, to complete. To be completely honest, I have gone outside a few times just to look at it because I love it so much. It goes perfectly with my wooden pumpkins (and a leftover real one from Halloween).


  • Stick wreath (purchased mine at Michael's for $4.99, minus $2 using my 40% off coupon...you can use your smart phone!)
  • Felt- I used about 8 pieces of felt in different colors but you can use more/less depending on how much of the wreath you want to cover
  • Fabric scissors 
  • Hot glue gun

 How to make the rosettes
1. Cut different sized circles with your felt. The larger the circle, the larger the rosette will be so try to get a variety of sizes. I didn't use a template and it doesn't have to be a perfect circle. 

2. Start cutting a spiral into the circle


3. Create a bud with the center part of the spiral and secure with hot glue. Keep rolling and secure with more hot glue at the bottom. The flower will start to form as you keep rolling/gluing



4. As you roll and glue, be sure to remove any hot glue strings so they don't mess up the rosette


Now you will make multiple rosettes with different colors of felt and in different sizes. Once you have a bunch made, lay them out in a half circle (to mock the shape of the wreath) and plan what colors will go where. Then go hot glue happy and secure them to the stick wreath. Make sure you use a lot of glue and press hard so they stick to the sticks!




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