Eleven Exquisite Bathroom Looks of 2016

2 years ago
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If you are making a new house or if you are planning to revamp your existing house, the following bathroom ideas or designs may help you in completing your whole look of the house. In addition, if you are a fan of contemporary washroom designs or the rustic ones, this post will help you in providing a number of options you can choose for your house.


Vanity Mirror Lighting

Some of the designers in Germany have experimented with the lighting of the bathroom in a way that gives your house an innovative outlook. The idea or concept behind a new way of combining lights with the vanity mirror helps to provide impactful lighting at the face level. Similarly, it facilitates in enhancing a streamlined ambiance. This means that your bathroom routines like brushing, washing face can be done in a better manner.

Big Sink

Although it is uncommon to use oversize sinks in the washroom these days, however, the new preference for big size sinks by designers like Kristina Crestin has changed the trend to an extent. In addition to creating a different look of your bathroom, big sinks will prevent water splashing in your bathroom. Therefore, 45-inch wide sink or 48-inch from Kohler can be placed in new washrooms to give it a modish look.

Stylish Shower Door Frames

The frames of the shower door can be of steel or primary colors to make the doors look appealing to your eyes. Some of the designers recommend matching the shower door frames with the window frames of your bathroom, as it would give a themed feel to your bathroom.

Faux Wall Panels

If you are interested in making your bathroom unique, you could install faux brick wall to add a texture to the walls in addition to ensuring the safety of the wall paint from moisture and water marks. Likewise, if you are someone who wants to install the faux wall panels himself/herself, the good news is that it is very easy to handle them.

Wood Panels

Although the use of wood panels is not recommended for the high maintenance reasons, however, if you are fond of the woodwork, you have an option of going for a wooden ceiling. It would give a royal look to your washroom, while the tiles work on the walls and floor will be easy to clean and maintain.

Shower Windows

Windows are not only a source of sunlight and fresh air, but it also provides a spacious environment. Similarly, some of the designers recommend shower windows that follow the contours of the ceiling in order to add a visually pleasing dimension to your bathroom. Furthermore, you could opt for decorative or designed windows as well.

Bathroom Cabinets

In order to utilize the space, overhead cabinets could be added to increase the space area for the bathroom essentials. Cedar storage boxes are also used to give a neat look to your bathroom, as it helps in organizing and maintaining one’s bathroom essentials.

Bath Hardware

The hardware is one of the significant elements that define the outlook of any washroom. Therefore, it is important to make the right choice in form of various textures and colors combinations available in the market. For example, brass is one of the popular choices in the contemporary designs.

Hue Tones

Although white is the commonly preferred choice when it comes to selecting the paint color for walls, however, according to the 2016 trends for paint colors,  most of the tones in hues are being used by designers and it seems that it will continue to dominate the designer trends.

Artistic Tile Patterns

Geometric tiles have become a thing of a past. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the focus on creative tiles patterns will become trendy in coming years. For example, visually bold tile pattern is one of the many options. Moreover, If you prefer colorful surroundings over neutral ones, you could go for rainbow pattern tiles as well.

Double Showers

You may have heard about the double shower but you are probably not aware of the different kinds of combinations for this double shower setup. According to various designers, it is best to go for an oversized rain shower head, especially if the handset is apart and the shower heads are connected to one bar. The main purpose of this unique set up is to make your bathroom seem stylish and easy to use.



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