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3 years ago

On this week’s installment of my kitchen revamp and organization, I’m talking about cleaning up your kitchen drawers. Luckily, we don’t have many drawers so this is one of the easier steps of the kitchen makeover.

Though we don’t have many drawers, the three that we do have pretty much all resembled junk drawers. True, besides the top drawer, which holds our cutlery, we don’t go in the other two much. Still, knowing what disaster lay in them was driving me crazy.

Drawer organization is really rather simple. Here are my four easy rules for cleaning out your kitchen drawers.

Invest in a flatware and knife tray.

Ours is a very basic, plastic cutlery tray. Some of our knives don’t fit so we just tucked them in the corner.

For more polished trays, check out Ikea:

Flatware tray

Knife tray

Or, if you like a hands-on approach, check out this awesome and affordable DIY kitchen organizer.

Buy drawer liner or cut pretty paper and line drawers yourself for  an instant facelift.

This is another tip I didn’t employ because we rent and are planning to move within the year (aka. I’m lazy). You should try it out though because it’s easy and will liven up your drawers while giving you something pretty to look at while preparing dinner.

For a classic black and white print, try Target.

I love this playful and glamorous vintage print from ThriftHound2000's shop on Etsy.

This cool, retro print is the one I’d choose and it smells great! Check it out at thetranquilityladies' shop on Etsy.

If you don’t want to spend anything, find pretty paper you have around the house and line it with that!

Use various sizes of bins or trays to organize miscellaneous items.

I’ve suggested this tip in every kitchen revamp post and I’m sure I will for most of the upcoming ones, too. It’s just such a simple solution that it would be silly to leave it off.

One of our drawers was somewhat of a disaster before I invested a hefty $2 into a medium-sized bin. It’s a small change, but it made quite a difference.



Place labels on bins and trays for easier retrieval and organization.

I also didn’t do this one because we only used one bin and it was more as a catch-all. If you have 2 or more bins though that are holding specific items, labeling them is a great idea to save time when putting away and finding kitchen tools. Try washi tape for fun and pretty patterns to brighten the inside of your drawers.

What are your favorite kitchen drawer organization tips? Do you have a junk drawer?

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