Don't Hate Me Because I'm a Multitasker

5 years ago

I recently read a blog post that ruffled my feathers. Maybe I was taking something personally that was not at all directed at me. However, I walked away from the post disgruntled and feeling as if the whole thing had been a stab against me and other mom crafters like me.

I won’t call out the original blog post, but I will give you the overall concept. The author was trying to make other mothers like herself feel ok about themselves for not working out, crafting with their kids, having seasonal throw pillows or cooking homemade organic meals. She is absolutely right no one should feel guilty about not doing these things. Her rationale was that your kids love you no matter what. Again, she is spot on. My kids would love me even if we never put another paper plate and paint into the salad spinner. However, I like doing those things as much as they do. The part of her blog post that irked me was that there was a thinly veiled accusation that mothers that do bake cookies, run marathons, paint bug houses and mop during nap time must not REALLY be spending quality time with their children. Look lady, don’t hate me because I multitask.

At least weekly I get asked questions about how I find the time or manage to do the things I do. The truth is I am not on the internet reading about what other people do, I am doing it. Well ok, I’m on the internet a lot and I do read what other people are doing, but I make sure there is a balance. If I spent hours on Facebook looking for old friends from high school, I would not have time to craft with my kids or go to the farmers market. It is all about balance. I’m not perfect at it, but trust me I know how to utilize naptime to its fullest.

The blog post insinuated that Pinterest was the bane of her problems. She had hundreds of comments from people remarking about how places like Pinterest made them feel inadequate. That is not the point of Pinterest. It is not there to make you feel bad about yourself or pressure you like you should be doing more. It is there to inspire you. If it makes you feel so bad, don’t look at it. If seeing other mothers posting about the latest sensory bin they made for their toddler makes you feel like you are not doing enough then don’t read about it. If looking at gourmet organic meals gives you guilt about Tuesday’s Tuna Noodle Casserole then it is as simple as looking away. Unless you are glutton for punishment, don’t do things that make you feel bad. If that includes Pinterest then cancel your account.

Again it is all about balance. If you spend all night looking at Pinterest lamenting your lack of spring wreaths or the fact that you don’t have homemade kale chips in your pantry maybe you should think about closing your computer and dusting off your glue gun and pre-heating the oven. It is that simple. Everything, including searching for inspiration, needs to be done in moderation. I have wasted many a possible crafting hour sitting on Pinterest, but I’m not mad at Pinterest about it. I’m not mad at the people that posted on Pinterest to share their crafts, recipes and ideas. It is no one’s fault but my own that I used that time that way. When you are a busy mom with a need for crafts like a fish needs water it is important to use your time wisely.

I know the author of this blog post was trying to convey other thoughtful messages with her post and I did take away some good things. I just want to say to her and her readers my kids love me and I love them and I still get a lot done. Don’t hate me because I’m crafty. I don’t blog about crafts, recipes & the things I do with my kids and post it to Pinterest to try and make you feel bad I promise. When I bake my toddler pours and scoops. When I sweep my 1 yr old plays with his mini-broom. Think of the farmers market as a field trip. Oh and as for crafting - my kids have been finger painting with pudding since they were old enough to sit up. When I craft I give them their own project to work on. It is possible to do all these things and even make seasonal throw pillows and if you don’t – who cares. There is no reason to beat yourself up over it. Your kids love you either way. That part she was right about.

What about you? Does Pinterest make you feel like less of a person? Do you manage to get it all done with time to spare? How do you squeeze in time to craft, cook, clean and take care of yourself with kids? Inquiring minds want to know!

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