DIY Waterproof Pom-Poms for Outdoor Events

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One thing I absolutely love about pom poms, is that they are super inexpensive to make. They look expensive and can make a huge impact at any event or party. I have made pom poms before and they were a huge hit but I wanted to make them a bit more weather friendly for outdoor use. Instead of using tissue paper, I purchased plastic table covers at the 99 cent store. They are just as lightweight and easy to work with as tissue paper  but more durable.
The table covers are 54x108 inches. They come in many sizes. For the upcoming holiday of Fourth of July, I purchased red white and blue...
Place the red, blue and white together and cut. 54x108 inches cut into perfect 13.5 squares gave me 32 sheets of each color. So that is 32 sheets of red. 32 sheets of blue and 32 sheets of white.
For one pom pom I used 8 sheets of each color. 24 sheets per pom pom total.

I just used the folded lines that were already there. I got 4 perfect squares from the 54 inch width of the table cover. I didn't care what size my poms were, so this was OK. They were a good enough size.

Cut all the folded squares into separate pieces.


Fold as an accordion as many times as you can. Use one inch folds.

Have a piece of string ready before you start folding. Unlike tissue paper, the plastic will not stay folded if you let it loose...Tie securely.

Cut the ends pointy or round...It's hard cutting through the plastic but it does not have to be perfect cuts.

Make sure the knot of your string is on TOP of your accordion folds not on the side. This determines how it hangs.

Start pulling the layers away from the folds to stand upright.

This is how it should look.

You can hang them on the fence, make a garland or use them on your table as a centerpiece...Place battery tea lights inside if you wish.

If you want your colors more blended, mix them up more. White, red, blue, white, red, blue. etc...

Make sure the string is centered. If not it will hang crooked :) Fold the accordion folds in half to make sure...

For a different look, make cuts as shown below. Again, they do not have to be perfect cuts...
Below---I found that working with plastic pom poms, that it fluffs up better if the pom pom is cut in the center before we separate the layers...Make a rough cut, it does not show when fluffed up. There should be 4 parts.
How pretty are they??? 

No need to worry about the forecast and sudden rainfalls with these! They can be set up days before a party or event. Huge time saver. Cut smaller squares for smaller, cuter poms.

Visit me to see my popular hanging tissue pom poms tutorial and find more great ideas on 'Or so she says...'!  Enjoy.
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