DIY Waterless Snow Globes!

4 years ago

Y'all, it's time for a Christmas craft!! I am in such a great mood from making these babies earlier. If you follow me on Instagram, you already got a peek -- now, I'm going to tell you what I did so you can make your own. :-)

DIY Waterless Snow Globe

Waterless snow globes are sort of a family tradition. My grandmother learned how to make them as a little girl; she taught it to my mom, who taught it to me. They are so versatile with what you put inside or on the base or toppers (we've done nursing school, graduation, spring, and summer ones!). Relatively simple to make, waterless snow globes work great as an inexpensive DIY gift for family and friends, or even just to make one for your own mantel.

I got most of the materials from Joann Fabrics, Target dollar section, and Wal-Mart. Be sure to pick out smaller items, and try and look at things as pieces, not a whole. For instance, I have quite a few decorative Christmas picks from Joann's that cost under two dollars, but I can split up into four different globes -- that's a deal! If you plan to make these ahead (like WAY ahead), you can take advantage of the after-holiday sales and clearances.

The instructions I'm giving will be generalized, so you can use whatever materials or pieces you have. I hope you have fun with this one!



wine glass or round bowl or vase

1/2-1 inch Styrofoam sheets

white felt


inner decorations (mini trees, caroler figurines, snowmen, etc.)

outer decorations (flowers, ribbon, present figures, etc.)

Elmer's glue


mini glue gun

mini hot glue sticks

imagination :-)


1. Select your globe. You want to make sure that the round mid section is not too much bigger than the opening, so it looks relatively even.

2. Place the globe, open side down, on top of the Styrofoam sheet. Draw a line on the Styrofoam around the opening of the globe, then carefully cut out (I used a simple paring knife, but a pumpkin carving tool would work wonderfully!)

3. Place the Styrofoam circle on top of the felt and cut out the same shape circle. Hot glue to top of Styrofoam circle. This will be your snow base.

4. Dip the paintbrush in a little Elmer's glue and lightly go over the top of the felt side of snow base. Carefully sprinkle loose glitter onto glued areas. It should look like a faint sparkly snow plane.

5. Pick your inner figurines and decorations. This can be anything as long as it will fit into the glass globe. I usually place everything onto the snow base into position, then carefully lower globe over it to be sure everything fits easily. Use the hot glue gun to glue inner decorations in place.

6. Once the inside is finished and dry (a few minutes), place a thick line of hot glue around the side of the snow base and lower globe into position, pressing down hard and holding in place. The snow base will be glued to the inside of the glass.

7. Pick your "topper" decorations. For the tops of the globes, cut out a felt piece (I don't usually treat this one with glitter, that way the sparklies stay contained inside the globe and create less mess) and hot glue it onto the top of the globe. Place the decorations you want to use on top of felt. If you like how it looks, glue everything into place and let dry.

That's it! I have a few pictures to show you how I did some of mine. I am doing tons more, because I will be participating in my first ever craft fair next month! And it's a CHRISTMAS one!!! :-) (Can you tell I am slightly excited?) Take a look and start your own, I would love to see what you come up with!

DIY Waterless Snow Globe

DIY Waterless Snow Globe

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