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Faith, trust, and pixie dust! If you're like me and have seen every Tinker Bell movie about a million times, then you know this phrase very well. My little girl will not watch ANYTHING but Tinker Bell movies. I've tried a bunch of Disney movies, cartoons, etc. They all lose her interest after about five minutes. But, if I put on a Tinker Bell movie, she will literally be glued to the TV the entire time!

Naturally, making Odette into Tinker Bell for Halloween was a no-brainer. I think handmade costumes are always much cuter, so I decided to make my own. I made this cute and easy Tinker Bell costume for only $10, and if you have a Michael's or Hobby Lobby coupon, you could probably make this for even cheaper.

Ok, so I know Halloween is still a while away, but I wanted to share this DIY Tinker Bell costume so you have plenty of time to make one :) To make this DIY, you will need:

  • 2 rolls of green tulle (mine came from Hobby Lobby, 12 yards of apple green for $3.99)
  • Scissors
  • Green ribbon (preferably matching the tulle)
  • Fairy wings (mine were a dollar store find!)

1. First, you will need to measure the length of your child from armpit to mid thigh or knee (or longer if you wish—basically, as long as you would like the skirt to be.)

Word to the wise: only attempt during naptime!

2. Cut your tulle twice as long as your measured length. Do this over and over and over until both rolls are completely cut.

3. Cut a piece of green ribbon that will fit around your child's chest. (I added about an extra foot so I could tie a pretty bow at the back)

4. Now you need to tie each piece of tulle in a knot and pull taught around the ribbon. Continue on until each piece of tulle is properly attached to your ribbon. I recommend checking out this tutorial! She explains how to tie a knot like this really well!

Tinker Bell costume - looping tulle

5. I made my tulle knots very close together, so I took a few minutes to separate them. That way, they would fit entirely around my daughter's body.

6. Tie the tulle skirt just under your child's armpits. Cut another long piece of ribbon and tie it around the waist like a belt.

7. The top kept falling down, so I added a piece of green ribbon, like a halter strap, to keep the top in place—and it was finally finished! Don't you think this is adorable?

Tinker Bell costume on Odette

Tinker Bell costume on Odette

Finishing touches:

I found fairy wings at the dollar store that look perfect for this Tinker Bell costume. Also, these are the shoes that I think I'll buy for her outfit. The only problem is that she doesn't even fit in the 6-12-month shoes, because she's so small.

You may want to dress your child in a green onesie or green shirt and pants if it will be cold where you live. Here in Arizona, it shouldn't be a problem—since October can still be in the 90s!

Since Odette is going to be Tink, I thought it would be fun to do a family costume this year. I found a Wendy Darling costume for me and a Captain Hook costume for Mike that would be perfect (unless I decide to DIY our costumes, too). I couldn't exactly talk my husband into being Peter Pan, so we'll just have to go without, LOL.

What are you and your little ones being for Halloween? Do you like to DIY your costumes or just buy them from a store?

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