DIY Tech Cord Organization

5 years ago

I am just getting over a massive head cold. Yesterday evening, in the wee hours of the night, as I reached for a box of tissues on my nightstand everything came crashing down in one big sickly swoop.

Apparently the tissues were competing for space with all my ridiculous electronic cords.

I am not willing to part with any of my devices on my nightstand either. I read on my tablet before I go to bed. I check email on my phone in the morning. And if I don't have an MP3 player on my nightstand, there is going to be no motivation whatsoever to go walking the next day.

I needed a quick and affordable fix so here is what I came up with.

I bought four 3/4 coppers pipe pieces that measure 1 1/2 inches tall, and 1 inch in diameter. Most home improvment stores sell these for around .80 each. Copper can be expensive, but these small pieces only run for a dollar or two, depending on what size you buy.

Did I mention I love copper?

It is so pretty and trendy right now.

If you have a charger cable similar to mine, the 1 inch diameter pieces are perfect, because the cable part that plugs in the wall will slide through, but the charger piece doesn't fit and won't fall out when you are done.

You will also need a piece of scrap wood. I am using this number "0" I bought at my local Re-Store for under $1. Wood scraps or salvaged wood works great too.

Last thing you need: some sort of adhesive. I used super sticky glue dots. Epoxy or a glue gun would work too.

Using the glue dots I just stuck my pipe pieces into place, and voila!

I now have an eclectic functional piece that keeps all my cables organized.

If you can't find something that your pipe pieces fit snugly into, try a simple casing block from Home Dopot, or a piece of scrap wood. This below is an old piece of wood flooring turned upside down.

On this one I used a bottle of epoxy glue. It worked fabulously and dried super fast.

Now, I know not everyone has Apple devices, so if you cable chargers are different you can still make this work. Use a glue dot to hold your cable in place, or just tie it around your pipe like the cable in the bottom left of the picture below.

That's the great thing about this project, you can be creative with it!

And, just to promote equality in all devices, here's the mixed version. :)

Ready to see how mine looks on my nightstand?

Here's the before photo again:

And after:


So much better, and pretty too!

This project would be perfect for your computer desk as well.

Total amount spent: Just under $7. Not bad!

The thing I love about this project, is that you can really just walk around the isle's of your local home improvement store and let your creative juices flow. You could easily use PVC pipe and spray paint it, or use a ceramic tile for the base of your copper pipes.

Or you could do what I do, which is make like twelve variations of this, and then give them away to everyone you know.

Sometimes when I go to home improvement stores I just can't help myself. :)


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