DIY Silk Screen - Your New Addiction

This project started after I saw a "pin" for a DIY silk screen. If you're on pinterest, you've seen it too, BUT there were no directions! Only a link to enroll in a class. No thank you!!!
So I took it upon myself to solve this enigma to silk screen my own shirt. Well, I actually made this shirt for my dad for father's day. He's such a HUGE Breaking Bad fan, and I wanted to create something special. He truly could not believe I made it myself!!! And y'all know I'm working on a budget so here are your needed supplies, and here is my grand total.
Large Embroidery Ring
1/2 yard of sheer fabric....I couldn't find silk per se
1 tube silk screen paint
Exacto Knife
Wax Paper
Old Credit Card
Print-out of what you'd like to Silk Screen
I found my t-shirt at Goodwill for $1.99. My specs were: good condition, size Large, a workable color, and 100% cotton (we do live in Texas, after all)!! A few Saturdays ago I found these embroidery rings at a sale for 25¢ each. I used both, but only needed one. The sheer fabric (Hobby Lobby doesn't sell silk, wtf, but this worked just fine) was $2.34 after my 40% off coupon. And the paint (color: French Roast) was about $2.99. Again, USE THE 40% OFF HOBBY LOBBY COUPON!! So around $5 total. BAM!
First take your print-out and carefully use your exacto knife to cut out the "negative" of your image. Remember to keep the pieces that will block the paint from going through. See this image here. I kept the outside of the hat, because I wanted the hat to be painted onto the shirt. This can get tricky with glasses or zeros, etc. 
Then take this outline to cut into wax paper. To cut it all out twice is time-consuming, but the wax paper doesn't get soggy or allow any paint to transfer where you don't want it. A critical step! After you have your negative images cut into wax paper, lay one piece of your sheer fabric into the embroidery ring. Then arrange your wax cut-outs to form the image. I used tape told hold some pieces in place so they are stationary when you go to paint. Once you have them arranged fold another piece of the sheer fabric on top and secure it all with the embroidery ring. Pull any loose ends of the fabric through the ring to make it tight and solid. This took some patience and dedication, but I eventually got it all where I wanted it.
Before using paint.                                                                      After using paint.
Flip the ring over and position your image where you'd like it to be on your shirt. **IMPORTANT NOTE** If you are doing letters (Ex: GO PURDUE!) Then you will need to print a "mirror" image to cut into your wax paper. Because when you flip the ring, your image will transfer backwards.
Next, take your silk-screen paint and squeeze some out onto an old plate. Use an old credit card (I used my old student ID) to get a bit of paint on it, and swipe it over your image on the wax paper. Be sure to do this several times in all directions so that you guarantee a total transfer. I didn't get some paint in areas of my hat and had to go back and hand paint it. No disaster, but taking my time could have prevented it.
And this is the result. I will absolutely be making some shirts of my own on the cheap. Share your creations with us!!
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