DIY: Glittery Wine Bottles

3 years ago
One of my housemates' sisters just got married this weekend in NYC.  Being the sister of the bride, my housemate (Rachel) was very involved in the wedding process... especially when it came to the ultimate girls night out - the bachelorette party.  While planning the event, they decided that decorating bottles of wine for the girls would be a really cute idea.  However, Rachel is probably one of the busiest people I know (she is seriously supergirl), and she already had a lot on her plate planning the party.  Luckily my other housemate (Jen) and I love to craft.  So naturally, we were completely willing to take on the task of being the wine-bottle-decorating-committee.  We were provided supplies and told to go for a pink-gold ombré glitter look.  So that's what we did.  And we were pretty pleased with how they turned out.  And by pretty pleased, I mean ecstatic.  Feel free to hire us for any of your wedding needs.
But really - these are fairly simple to make and turn out so cute.  They were a hit among the bridal party and make perfect souvenirs.  So if you don't mind being a fairy for a day or so (I trailed glitter everywhere I went for two days straight.  I'm pretty sure I'm still pulling some out of my hair.) - then consider making these for you next event!
What you'll need:
A Bottle of Wine (or drink of your choice)
Glitter (can vary on what color scheme you're working with; as far as how much - we used 1 large thing of gold glitter, and two small containers of pink)
Mod Podge
1 Can of Spray Adhesive
Gold Ribbon
Colored Stock Paper
Hole punch
Paper plate, garbage bag (for cleanliness)
1 Can of Gold Metallic Spraypaint 
We began by setting up an impromptu work station in our yard.  You'll definitely want to work outside because the spray paint can easily make a mess, and you probably don't want to be cleaning glitter from your floors for the next few months.
Peel the labels of the wine bottle.  Take care to peel the front label off in one piece, as you'll need it later on.  The back label doesn't matter.  Fortunately, we found the front label much easier to peel off than the back.  We used some rubbing alcohol to help take off any residue left on the bottles.
We began by spray painting the bottles metallic gold.  This step could be optional, if you decide to cover the bottle in glitter completely.  We left a bit of the neck bare with just the gold.  However, we did find that the gold base helps to boost the color and hide any patches in the glitter.
Apply mod podge around the bottle and carefully pour the glitter over the glue.  We set a paper plate beneath the bottle to catch excess glitter to reuse and make less of a mess.  Because we were going for an ombré look and planned to add pink at the bottom, we left the bottom of the bottle bare, and applied the gold glitter from there to about halfway up the neck of the bottle. 




Once the gold glitter has been applied, we moved on to the gold (if you're going for the ombré look).  Cover the bare space at the bottom of the bottle with mod podge (like what we did with the gold) and pour the pink glitter to cover it.  Pour the pink glitter lightly over the bottom of the gold glitter as well.  With the prior mod podge not being completely dry yet, some will stick and blend with the gold. Apply as much pink glitter as you need to achieve the darkness/ombré tone that you want.


To take extra measure that the glitter wouldn't shed everywhere, we then used a spray adhesive on the bottles.  This worked well - I have also used an extra layer of mod podge on the top of the glitter before too to hold it all in place, and that works great, but you do have to wait for the bottle to completely dry before going over it again so you don't smear the glitter, and it also takes away a bit of the shine. 



Your masterpieces are done for now - now let them dry overnight, preferably outside, because the smell of the spray paint will fill your house and give you headaches (we learned the hard way).


Jen had a great idea for a little extra flair for the bottles that turned out perfectly, which is why we saved the front labels.  Cut out a square of stock paper (we coordinated the color of the paper to the color of the wine label).  Make sure that the paper square is large enough to leave a border around the wine label.  Glue the wine label to the paper.  Then using mod podge, apply a glitter frame around the label. When this is dry, punch a whole in the corner and run a long string of gold ribbon through it.  Tie this ribbon from the neck of the bottle with a cute bow. 


When everything is dry,  put it all together and voila - you have a finished project.  Take a step back and admire your beautiful work.  Take a snapshot and Instagram it. Relish in all the compliments you receive.


Happy crafting!
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