DIY Floral One

4 years ago
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You may have noticed back when I posted about Odette's birthday party that I made a DIY floral 1 to go on the dessert table. It turned out really cute and was SUPER easy to make, so I thought I would do a brief tutorial on it!

Start off by getting a few very large  pieces of cardboard to cut out your number (1, 2 or whatever birthday you're having!). I got mine from grabbing a few large boxes while shopping at Costco :)

I just freehanded mine so it had lots of black lines all over it as you can see. Don't worry about how it looks! You won't see any of the lines once we're done with it. Once you have your large number cut out, trace it on another piece of cardboard and cut out an identical match. That was simple enough, right?

Ok, now comes the somewhat tricky part! Now you need to cut out pieces that are about 6 inches in depth to fit in between your two large number cut outs. Sorry, I don't have any real tips or tricks to share. It was all a lot of cutting and trial and error for me.

Tape all the pieces together until you have a 3D shape that looks like the number you want. Don't worry if yours totally looks terrible at this point. Mine looked like a kindergartner was crafting for the first time lol. Just make sure that all the edges are taped together really well so it holds up! Now that it's all put together it's time to spray paint. I used silver spray paint because it was what was in the garage, but you can choose any color you'd like!

Now the flowers are where you can get creative with this little DIY. I went the dollar store route and bought all the flowers for less than $15, but feel free to splurge on the beautiful Hobby Lobby or Michaels flowers if you'd like. If you have a specific color scheme in mind you may have to shop around a bit but the end result will be beautiful, I promise :)

Once you've bought all your flowers you can cut all the stems off. Be sure you use real wire cutters! Mine didn't work so great, so this part took forever without them :( Once that's done you can hot glue them on. Try to mix up the type of flower and color to create a little dimension and texture!

There you have it! A beautiful floral one that will add a great centerpiece to any dessert/buffet table :)

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!