Happy 4th of July: Celebrate with 9 DIY Projects for Independence Day

3 years ago

Independence Day is just around the corner. Is your house ready for 4th of July festivities? If you are like me, you are probably looking at the calendar and wondering what happened to June. Here are nine projects that don't take much time and look fabulous.

DIY Paint Stick American Flag

Credit: Dream Book Design

There is just something about Adri's paint stick American flag that I just love. Maybe it's because it's a really simple and inexpensive project that doesn't look simple or inexpensive at all. Maybe it's because she was able to make it in one nap time. I love it when projects can be measured in nap times.


One Hour 4th of July Bunting

Credit: Root and Blossom

I love bunting! It's one of my favorite ways to decorate. I especially love bunting that is simple to make and Lena's one hour 4th of July bunting tutorial fits that criteria. It's super cute, too!


Faded Book Page Flag

Credit: Beyond the Picket Fence

While I donate books to the library or pass them on to my friends whenever I can, sometimes I have books that are too damaged to do either of those things. Those books are perfect for making things like Becky's faded book page flag.


Paper Sparklers

Credit: It's Overflowing

Raise your hand if you love sparklers! You won't have to wait until after dark to play with Aimee's paper sparklers. I also like that they are an easy craft you can set out for kids to make on Independence Day.


DIY Rustic Flag

Credit: House of Hawthornes

I can't decide which I like more -- Pam's rustic flag or that she included Band-Aids on her materials list. I don't know that I've ever used a glue gun and not needed one.


Mason Jar Candle Holders

Credit: Yesterday on Tuesday

I cannot resist the siren call of glitter. If glitter isn't your thing, Malia's mason jar candle holders are easy to customize. You could easy add stripes or stars like she does on her patriotic mason jar vases.


Flag Banner

Credit: Eleven Magnolia Lane

This time of year it's pretty easy to find small American flags. I like how Christy turned them into a simple flag banner. She put hers above her door but it would also look great on your porch or deck.


Let Freedom Ring Gold Glitter Art

Credit: Life on Virginia Street

Independence Day is all about the red, white, and blue but sometimes you want to add something just a little bit different. That's where Sarah's "Let Freedom Ring" gold glitter art comes in. You can add it to an entryway table, mantle, or even include it in your table centerpiece.


DIY Patriotic Temporary Tattoos

Credit: Simply Kelly Designs

And finally, we've decorated our houses but what about ourselves? I'm still pretty new to this notion that you can make your own temporary tattoos but I'm in love with it. When I was a kid, I loved temporary tattoos and I bet yours do. Kelly has an absolutely fabulous tutorial for creating patriotic temporary tattoos. You know you want one!

What are you making for Independence Day?

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