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I am that oxymoron of a low vision graphic artist -- and writer.  I have extreme tunnel vision that, ironically enough, makes me better at many visual art tasks than a fully sighted person -- particularly when it comes to photography and editing of photographs.


When paired with my 22+ years of playing in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), it's almost a given that I would envision heraldry when writing my "Peers of Beinan" books.  What is royality or nobility without heraldry, after all?

 House Gurun heraldryHouse Miyoo heraldryHouse Slabi heraldryHouse Ten-Ar

Naturally, all ten (or is it twelve?) noble houses in my books have heraldry -- all of which I formulated a precise image (okay, indirect image because of my visual cognitive limits) of in my head and, ultimately, have created for most of the houses (not Balister because I really need that hand-drawn -- elaborately carved recurve bows require someone gifted at drawing!).


But what do you do with all this art?  The first and logical step is to put them on my website.  But formatting constraints of E-Books prevents me from including them inside the book outside of its cover (which can only hold three at most) and it is price-prohibitive for me to try to include them in my print book; I would need a "professional formatter" at CreateSpace to do a book that is black and white with a few color page inserts; the normal system just doesn't allow for a part black/white and part full color creation (aside from, again, the cover art).


So what do I do with it?


Zazzle, it would seem, has given me the perfect outlet for showing off my art work.  For me, creating a zazzle store is much less about the royality (10% is the default)  on each item sold than it is about just letting folks see the art itself -- and the ultimate brand building that exposure creates.


For me to get out of complete obscurity as a writer and author, I need people to be exposed to the names of my noble houses and the names of my serie's characters and book titles.  I need people to know "Peers of Beinan" is a book series!


So I've created my store at*.


What's really suprised me is how much fun this process is!


I'm having a great time coming with new ideas, new ways to express the art I've created.  I'm really amazed at how easy and fun this can be -- even if no one ever buys anything from it besides me!


Laurel A. Rockefeller, author

The Great Succession Crisis

E-Book ISBN: 9781476243344
Print book ISBN: 978-1479144808

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