Diaper Box DIY- Better Alternative for Gross Motor Baby Play

3 years ago

Forget the bumbo, exersaucer,  or jumparoo when all you need is a diaper box! 

 In my opinion it is the best option for contained play for a baby.  As a mom to a new baby I know that as well meaning as I am there are times when I just need my baby in something contained to play especially now that he is rolling all over the place. There are tons of options out there on the market including jumpy things you can hang from doorways, exersaucers, bouncy seats, bumbo chairs etc.  I have many of these pieces of equipment mostly handed down to me from very generous friends.  I am finding that I don't use any of these things mainly because C doesn't like them because he can't really move in them or because I don't like them because I am too busy trying to position him correctly in them. On top of that many of these contained play options have the baby kind of hanging out in space.  When I say that what I mean is a lot of the devices have the baby sitting without a lot of trunk support so they are kind of hanging out in space not getting the opportunity to know where their body is in space.

So why a diaper box?  Well the diaper box provides support at all sides so he is getting input to where he is in space at his back, sides bottom and even along the backs of his legs.  He also has the opportunity to move his legs turn his trunk and he can access his toys.  We started with him just playing in the box, but then we decided to glam it up some. 

I added some toys coming off the side of the box.  I just took a scissors and poked some holes into the box.  I'm sure there is a more professional/fancy way to do this but it worked perfect for me.  I then used either toys we already had that were on a ring or made my own ring with yarn to attach a toy or two too.  
Then we went really big and added string to the front of the box so we could pull him along in the box and oh my gosh did he think that was the best! 

I also trimmed down the front of the box so he could better see out the front since the box is still a little high.   This has been probably our most successful toy to this point.  He sits in the kitchen with me when I am cooking and outside the bathroom door if I'm scrubbing in their.  It works wonderful, provides appropriate support and input that a baby needs! Now you can really make these boxes fashionable if you so choose.  I found some great tutorials on how to do this:

http://diyonthecheap.com/fabric-covered-diaper-box-cute-easy-storage/ http://busybeautifulbudget.blogspot.com/2012/09/cover-diaper-box-and-ma…

I thought about it for a second but decided I'm satisfied with it the way it is.  If I were using it as a decorative piece then yes of course but for my purposes it can look like a diaper box for me. So there you have it.  A solution to many problems.  You get some time to get done things that you need and baby is occupied.  On top of that baby is getting appropriate support and body awareness feedback! 

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