DEXDOG Offers the Best Dog Harnesses and Leashes on the Market: Here's Why

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Any dog parent understands that finding the right harness or leash is harder than it sounds. Not only must the dog's body and hair be considered, but also their personality and habits when out on a walk or traveling. It is with the puppy parent and the pup's comfort in mind that DEXDOG was created.

DEXDOG is a brand that views your dog's accessories as more than just objects to restrain, but as means to make exploration possible. Just like you wouldn't have a good time wearing uncomfortable or painful clothing, neither would your dog! This is why DEXDOG has launched a variety of dog harnesses and leashes to accommodate every imaginable necessity a puppy parent has when searching for these essentials.

DEXDOG was created because too many walks began with stress from a dog's fear of stepping through a harness. Rather than the picture-perfect scene of your dog running to the door with jubilation at the opportunity to go on an adventure, many of you haven't even made it out the door because your dog was so terrified of stepping through their harness. The first DEXDOG product, the EZHarness, eliminates these anxieties. The EZHarness was received so well, that the company experienced tremendous growth and has since been able to create more products to add to your doggy travel bag.

The EZHarness offers relief to the anxious dog by easily slipping over the head. This means no more struggle trying to harness a dog that refuses to step through the leg holes. The quick on and off design of the EZHarness takes only seconds to put on and remove. You can find an EZHarness for small, medium, and large dog breeds and for all ages. With a range of 6 sizes that are also individually adjustable, DEXDOG has created an EZHarness for every dog.

The EZHarness has been reviewed as offering the ease of the collar while providing the safety and control of the harness. You always have better control of a dog that's wearing a harness rather than a collar, and you don't have to worry about your dog choking. The drawback to many harnesses is the underarm discomfort that comes from rashes caused by harness rubbing. DEXDOG has addressed this con of walking harnesses with the no-pull EZHarness by reinforcing the strong, adjustable straps with mesh padding.

Now that DEXDOG has taken care of the essentials-stress-free, over-the-head design, reflective material, comfortable straps that eliminate rashes from rubbing, 6 sizes with adjustable mesh-padded straps-you can also choose your favorite colors!

Since releasing the EZHarness, DEXDOG has launched other products, like the Chest Plate Dog Harness and the Adjustable Dog Leash. The Chest Plate Dog Harness is ideal if your dog has the curiosity of a cat and likes to suddenly dart in the direction of that irresistible smell. This harness is generously padded for comfort and is perfect for car rides.

DEXDOG doesn't overlook the importance of a great leash, recognizing that the best leash is just as important as the best harness. The Adjustable Dog Leash by DEXDOG was made to accommodate dogs of every size and their exploration tendencies. Made of durable nylon and a one-inch width, this leash has the incredible range of 3.5-6 feet!

DEXDOG has received raving reviews from Maine Dog Magazine, My Dog Likes, Heavy,, and Morgan's Dog Boutique. Anyone can read reviews all day, but you'll never know for sure until you try these products yourself. Find these essentials on Amazon, Etsy, and DEXDOG.


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