Can't Make Your Own Curtains? Hack Them

4 years ago

While curtains are easy to make, for someone like me who is not great with a sewing machine, sewing my own seems a little intimidating. While I'm sure whatever I made would look fine, I would forever see any teeny-tiny imperfections I made on the seams. Perfectionist? Me? Sadly, yes. Then I started thinking -- if I can't make them, maybe I can hack them? I found some easy modifications that can take curtains from drab to fab.

Change Tab Top Curtains to Pocket Curtains

Credit: The Golden Sycamore

I have a set of tab top curtains that are fine but I don't love them. I find the tabs make the curtains look cheap. I like Allison's simply solution to cut them off and turn my tab top curtains into pocket curtains.

Easy Pleated Curtains

Credit: The Turquoise Home

Laura made some drop cloth curtains but found they were missing a little something. She used pleating tape to provide them with a bit more structure. She was speaking my language when she says she sewed the pleating tape on "kind of straight." That's exactly how I sew.

How to Perfectly Hem Curtains

Credit: Shabby Creek Cottage

Whenever I've hemmed curtains in the past I've kind of just guessed and hoped for the best. Don't get me wrong, I totally measured and everything, but I really had no idea if my measurements were really correct. Gina has a really simple solution for how to perfectly hem curtains. Note to self: Buy yardsticks.

Add a Decorative Stripe

Credit: The Homes I Have Made

Some of the curtains I have are rather plain and boring. I've often though they could benefit from a decorative strip but it seemed like a lot of work. It's really not as hard as I thought. Megan added a chevron print border to her curtains, and getting the chevron to line up right on both sides took a bit more care, but the process itself is pretty easy.

Have you customized curtains in your home?

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