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3 years ago

Entry #2!

I've done it: Made it to two blog posts!

Today's topic is my current projects, because I like to brag a little, and I've made good progress in the last 2 weeks on some of my projects.

Here are all of the current ones in containers.  Containers were purchased at Walmart.


Count them: 9!  I missed a few in my first post.

The quilt sandwich, "Falling Blocks" is irritating me with the quilting.  It's been in it's current state for months until I decide what to do.

Falling Blocks

The next project is the "Wee Wander Firefly Quilt".  It's a wall hanging.  My local quilt shop got the fabric in and one of the employees, Katie, had the pattern up.  I just fell in love.  I told them I would be back in July for the fabric if they had any in stock.  When I went for my BOM class, I bought 14 pieces of fabric for the quilt. Here's the link to the pattern, since I certainly didn't come up with it:…

Wee Wander

Then there is the rainbow sampler, which I'll just gloss over.  Just practicing quilt blocks.

After that comes the Underground Railroad BOM.  The class is in the second month, and the current block is a Monkey Wrench.  It's still in several pieces so no pictures yet.

The last quilt project in the first column is the log cabin quilt for my parents.  When I started quilting last summer, I made a deal with my mother that I would make her a quilt if she would cut out all the pieces.  My dad picked the style.  After all, it's his bedroom too!
 My mom picked out the fabrics, and I did a lot of math to calculate how much fabric you need.  NOWHERE on the internet that I searched gave an approximation of how much fabric necessary.

Anyway, She surprised me with all of the cut pieces (1,344 of them) when my parents came to visit in the middle of June.  I got started, of course!  Chain piecing makes things a lot faster.  I love it.

Log Cabin Centers (All of the squares)

Log Cabin Row One(After the first 4 pieces were attached)

Log Cabin Block (The trial block)

Onto column #2!

The top one is my Winter quilt.  It's the "Through the Winter Woods" line of fabric using the "Jewels in the Curio" pattern from Moda Bake Shop:

I have the center squares matched together (256 blocks that come into 64 blocks).  They are waiting to be sewn together. I have the inner and outer borders cut. (I'm even contemplating trying mitered corners for them).  The middle border consists of 148 2 1/2" squares.  I have them cut out, except I seem to be missing 2.  I'm sewing them together into 2 rows of 36 and 2 of 38. 

I plan to be ready to lay out the blocks at the "Fabulous Friday" at the local quilt shop next week.  The pattern calls for a barn raising pattern, but I want to see what the other women think I should try.


The second project I have is a race quilt.  The top is finished, and I have the backing fabric.  As much as this might surprise any readers, I have no true artistic talent.  By that I mean I cannot draw to save my life.  Not straight lines, not circles.  I did, however, win a Pi Day contest with the closest approximation of a freehanded circle.  I'm tracing a pattern onto the top to "freehand" at some point.

Jewels HST

Some of you may have spied the names on some of the boxes, and can see that the next quilt is a Double Wedding Ring quilt.  My great-grandmother Helen White started this quilt.  It looks like it was made from truly 1930s fabrics.  She has all of the curve pieces stitched together (by hand!).  I bought some muslin to be the background fabric, which didn't make it to 2013 with the other pieces.  The fun part of this quilt is that I have no idea what size it will end up at this point.  I need lots more of the middle ovals cut out-any volunteers?


Last but not least is the T-shirt quilt that has been on the docket for about 4 years.  I cut about 10 shirts out, then abandoned the project.  Well, it's back!  I had 24 pieces, so I took the back of one of the shirts and have designated a place for other alumni of the University of Pittsburgh to sign when they visit.  Come visit me- I have a pull-out couch, a decent Disney movie collection, and a popcorn maker!

I didn't cut the pieces out square, and some shrunk, so I put 8 yards of interfacing on the backs of the pieces and am currently marking the 15" squares.  I've decided to put sashing in between the blocks for a classy look. I tried to get the deal of the day yesterday from the Missouri Star Quilt Company, but it sold out before I got to buy it.  12 hour workdays are not conducive to fast selling deals.

T-Shirts Quilt

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