Crochet Beach Bag

3 years ago
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I have only just discovered Blogher. I know! Where have I been? I was brought here in a roundabout route from a Pinterest pin , about blogging for profit. 

I'm seriously interested in trying to make an online income as no one seems to want to employ me any more. I still have the same qualifications as I had when I was a working person, but now I am older I'm not such am interetsing proposition. 

My other interests - when not jobsearching - are knitting, crochet and jewellery design. Being a relatively new crocheter, this is the hobby that gets most of my attention at the moment. It came in handy on a very wet and wild day whilst I was on holiday. I had prevously discovered a superb (and cheap) yarn store and couldn't think of any excuse to buy any. The rainy day solved the problem. 

I paddled off to the store and bought 2 reels of T-shirt yarn, something I had never tried before, and two huge crochet hooks. I had no pattern so made it up as I went along and ended up with a beach bag (I was hoping the rain wouldn't last for the whole holiday)

It didn't, so I was able to sport my natty hand made bag on the beach the following day.

T-shirt beach bag

The yarn was great fun to work with. It's a shame that it is priced so high here at home that I cannot afford to use it regularly, but I did spy a 'make your own t-shirt yarn' blogpost. I wonder how many of hubby's t-shirts I can dismantle before he notices ...!


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