Creative Tips to Decorate Homes in Holiday Season

a year ago
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If you want easy tips to help you with holiday decoration, it is necessary to keep in mind few points in minds, especially if you are interested in saving your time spent on excessive or hard to execute decorating ideas.

Christmas tree

This is probably one of the most important areas of the house that requires your attention and decoration for the obvious reasons, as the Christmas tree is one of the first things guest will notice in your house. So, if you determine the color theme of the tree decorations, half of your job will become easy. For example, opting for primary colors is one of the easy choices, it could be further coordinated with the room décor or the overall theme of the holiday season.

Focus on the Mantel

This point is particularly for those homeowners who have a fireplace; however, it is important that you keep it simple and easy to manage. Garlands are often used by the experts to enhance the appeal of the space or some of the people prefer draping the fireplace top with ribbons or any other good piece of fabric. In order to highlight the mantel décor, candles could also be added to increase the lighting and beauty of the room.

Table Decor

The dining table is probably one of the used items in the house, particularly, when it comes to entertaining the guests. This means that the idea of a garland can be added to the decorations on the tables to compliment the table runner. Moreover, candles and flowers may also add to your holiday theme.

Wonderful Wreath

Although traditional green wreaths are usually used by the people to decorate the main doors of the house, however, if you want a different look, wreaths can be made at home that would give a warmer feeling to the guests. For instance, slices of the seasonal fruits can be used to make a colorful wreath. Similarly, these fruits can be dried to give a wintery impression of the wreath.

Exclusive Setting for Food Serving

If you are a foodie or someone who likes to cook for the family and friends, you could also work on presenting the food, and the dining area to make it feel festive and special for the guests.  For example, themed napkins and other cutlery could be used to show your love and thoughtfulness for people. Likewise, interesting or unique platters can be mixed with your usual dishes to enhance the presentation of the food.

Holiday Centerpieces

You may already have centerpieces at home; however, if you invest your time to make some DIY centerpieces at home, it will reflect the amount of effort you invest to make the house seem warm and cozy. One of a good way, for example, is to fill the glass goblet with goodies to make it look attractive. Moreover, fresh fruits and candies could be mixed to make the day of the kids and guests.

Suspended Décor

Whether you want to highlight you vintage collection or if it’s the sparkle balls or other ornaments that you want to display, suspending them like a wind chime is the best way of presentation. Likewise, the window panes are also a good spot to place one of your favorite vases. However, if you want the space to look brighter and whimsical, fairy lights can also be added to give a soft glow and make your setting seem pretty.


Lighting is one of the best ways of not only highlighting the best spots and decorated areas of your houses, but it also creates a soft look to make the house seem warm and wonderful.  Therefore, it is necessary to smartly utilize the lighting of the house. For instance, if you go with the normal light, it may look boring or may not create an effect you have in mind. Therefore, if you utilize the lamps and fairy lights in an organized way, it could create a layering of soft and strong light for different parts of the house. Additionally, if the fairy lights strand is wrapped around the plants and lamps of the house, it would create the soft glow.


Photo Collage

If you want to display the memories you have made with your loved ones, it could be turned into an art piece to contribute to your seasonal renovation of the house.  For example, if you have a collection of pictures and cards of previous holiday seasons, they can be suspended on a stick or a wire to present them in an innovative manner. Similarly, the fairy lights can be hung with the picture collage to make it prominent.

 Faux Brick Panels

This option is not only used as a substitute of the real brick wall, but it can also help to add a layer of textures to your room, especially the living room. Similarly, the faux panels can save your money used to maintain the wall paint on the annual basis. However, one of the outstanding feature or purposes of installing a faux brick is to create a cozy ambiance in your house without having to spend money on installing a real brick wall or maintenance charges.


If you live in an area, where winter season lasts longer than any other season, it is best to invest your money on good rugs that are comfortable for you and the guests. Some of the experts prefer going for layers of rugs to minimize the coldness of the winter season and to increase the attractiveness of the floor. Though plain floors may look nice, however, if you add a textured rug, it could help you to balance the color scheme of the room and to balance the missing elements of the house. For instance, a multicolor rug makes up for neutral colored walls and décor theme, while bold colored wall paint and renovations can be balanced with the help of light tones of the rugs.

Cozy Temperature

Despite all the efforts put into your décor, if the temperature of the house is not cozy enough, it may ruin the mood of your holiday season to a great degree. Therefore, it is important to cover the windows of the house with thick curtains. Furthermore, draperies can also be added to maintain an even temperature and to make your house perfect for the guests.

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