Creative Bathroom DIY Renovation Ideas

2 years ago
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If you are looking for cheaper ways to make changes in your bathroom or if you are bored of the old setting, the following tips will help you make smart changes in the bathroom without having to remodel the bathroom or spending a large amount on the upgrading.

Determine the Theme

If you want to turn the old setting of your bathroom into a new and appealing one, it is necessary to work on the pre-renovation stage, which includes finalizing the certain kind of theme you want to go for. For example, find out if you want to make it an exuberant, exciting colored space or the softer tones of a relaxing spa is what you want the bathroom to look like.

The Color

Although an expert could be hired to do the paint of the bathroom, however, if you choose to do it yourself, it could help you not only save money, but the end result of your hard work would be far better than hiring a person for the job. For instance, light tones of soft shades could be used to create a more relaxing and calm outlook of the space, however, if you want a dramatic or exciting theme for the bathroom, brighter tones of paint are recommended to create the desired look.

Bathroom Essentials

Changing the style of the essentials or hardware fixed in the bathroom can also drastically change the overall feel of the space, especially if you want to complement the theme of the color you have chosen for the bathroom renovation. For example, stainless hardware will help to make space seem more like a serene ambiance of a spa; on the other hand, the tones of brown and slightly rough looking essentials would create a bold look for the bright colored walls of the bathroom.

The Space for Storage

One of the probably significant features of an appealing bathroom has to do with sophisticated storage space for creating a neat look of the bathroom for most of the homeowners. Moreover, it would help to keep the toiletries in order and make the lives of easier that prefer to keep all the stuff in one place in a tidy manner.  In terms of the options for increasing the space to store the important products used on the daily basis, one could opt for small cubicles. Similarly, if you want to stock the medicine or vitamins in one place or if you want to put them in the bathroom so that you don’t forget to take your medication before going to bed, a separate cabinet could be added for that.


If you have a relaxing space area in mind when it comes to the ideal décor of your bathroom, it is best to choose soft lighting, which can be controlled in terms of increasing and decreasing the light intensity of the grooming area. However, if you want to renovate the vanity mirror or you want to get another one in a different style, the same spot can be utilized to make the changes. This would create more room for other small changes in the overall space. Additionally, small size chandelier could also be added to the bold theme of your bathroom.

Faux Panels

If you are interested in making your bathroom seem completely unique and easy to maintain, faux panels are the right choice for you, as the option of using real bricks can be difficult to achieve due to the weight of the bricks and it becomes expensive as well. However, panels provide a safeguard for the walls of the bathroom in terms of acting as the resistant to the moisture. Moreover, the cleanliness of the panels is relatively easy, which can be done if you put any detergent mixed with water on the panels. Furthermore, most of the faux panels are available in the market, which could be utilized to change the texture of the bathroom.

Warmer for the Towels

Although it may seem like an option which would take up the extra space in the bathroom, however, if you have a spacious bathroom, it is recommended to install a warmer for the towel, as it would absorb the moisture and dampness in the bathroom  due to the wetness of the towels. Furthermore, portable warmers are also available for those who have small space area in the bathroom or if you want to choose the plug-in towel warmer.

Touch Shower

If you live with kids or your complete family, the option of a touch shower may come as a handy option for you due to the easy use of the touch shower for the kids in particular. Similarly, a safeguard mechanism is also provided with this particular type of shower to prevent over-heating. This means that you will have more control when it comes to the control of temperature. Also, your bathroom would give a different look to the guests and provide convenience.


Even though it may sound obvious when it comes to renovation and not going overboard, however, it is necessary to put emphasis on making sure that the changes done in your bathroom are serving some kind of propose or function rather than cluttering the space with unnecessary features. For instance, some of the inexperienced or passionate renovators have the tendency to add expensive or un-useful things in the bathroom which have no apparent function or need in the bathroom. Therefore, it is important to remind yourself to make useful changes.


The flooring of a bathroom play one of the significant roles in not only changing the outlook of the space, but the maintenance and use of the bathroom can also become convenient if it is done in a proper manner. Traditionally, tiles are used by most of the homeowners; however, if you want to change the traditional appeal of the space, there is an option of getting the flooring in stones or wooden flooring, which can also be used to add another layer of texture and to make the cleanliness of the floor easy.

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