10 Fun Crafts for Valentine's Day

4 years ago

Valentine's Day tends to be a love it or loathe it holiday and I have to confess I fall firmly in the middle. I don't like the pressure for romance but there are aspects I do like. I always had so much fun making Valentine's Day crafts when I was kid, perhaps because hearts are one of the shapes I can draw fairly well. Seasonal crafting doesn't end when you grow up so I went out to find what our bloggers were making in their craft rooms for Valentine's Day. I think you'll like what I found.

Heart and Arrow Valentine Garland

Image Credit: Spool and Spoon

When you think about Valentine's Day it's not at all unusual to think of Cupid. Cupid makes me think of cherubs I am not a big fan of cherubs. I love this heart and arrow garland. It makes me think of Cupid but there's nary a cherub in sight. Perfect.


Valentine's Day Keepsake Handprint Art

Image Credit: The Classroom Creative

Don't you love a good handprint keepsake craft? I know I do.


Fortune Cookie Valentines

Image Credit: Feels Like Home

Want to slip a note to someone special on Valentine's Day? Put it in one of these fortune cookie Valentines.


Leather Conversation Hearts

Image Credit: Polka Dot Chair

I have a fondness for conversation hearts. I like how you can use these leather conversation hearts all year round. I bet they'd make excellent bookmarks.


DIY Poppers

Image Credit: At the Picket Fence

I usually associate poppers with Christmas but I love the idea of Valentine's Day poppers.


Gold Conversation Hearts

Image Credit: Homemade Ginger

If red and white isn't your thing, how about gold? This simple gold conversation hearts craft will only take minutes to make.


Key to Our Hearts Valentine Art

Image Credit: Home Made Modern

I like it when older items find new life. An old sign, some scrapbook paper and an Ikea armoire key found new life as key to our heart art. What do you have in your house that you can repurpose?


Love Birds Embroidery Hoop Art

Image Credit: Smashed Peas and Carrots

I don't know how many embroidery hoops I have around the house with half-finished projects on them. Fine, half finished is probably generous. Maybe it's time to finally admit that I'm not going to finish some of those projects and turn them into something like this adorable embroidery hoop love birds art instead?


Candy Heart Bracelet

Image Credit: Lollyjane

I am not really a big fan of heart-shaped jewelry but when you're taking about a candy heart bracelet I'm totally down with that.


Homemade Pixie Stick Valentines

Image Credit: Simply Notable

I realize these homemade pixie sticks toe a fine line between treat and craft. I can't help myself. I love pixie sticks, I want to make them and I think it's a most excellent use of paper straws.

What crafts are you making for Valentine's Day?

Karen Ballum is a Community Moderator on BlogHer.com. She also blogs at Sassymonkey and Sassymonkey Reads.