Craft Yourself a Cowgirl Hat

5 years ago

What do you wear in the middle of summer to an outdoor country music concert in Texas?  Cowboy boots are hot as a firecracker and all the good western shirts are long sleeved.  I know - a cowboy hat! Not a normal cowboy hat, a wee little baby one cocked on the side of my head for a comedic effect. 

1 Small Doll Hat
Foam Board

I have to give my sister Hope credit for the next step. As I sat there perplexed about how I was going to get good gluing contact between the straw hat and the headband she suggested filing the hole with foam board. I don’t know why I just so happened to have foam board in my studio, but I don’t know why there are a lot of things here and I was just thankful. I found a little piece of wood I have been drilling on lately that fit inside the hat hole where the dolls head would go perfectly and traced it onto the foam board. From there I used plain scissors to cut the circle out. Using a whole lot of glue I attached the foam into the hat.

Clearly I was not going to wear a plain old straw hat, me leave something under accessorized – sacrilege. I scored some feathers at the craft store and already had spools of thin ribbon at the house. First I measured my length of ribbon. I opted for red and white check because it felt the most country to me. I put a strand of glue around the hat and tacked my ribbon into place. After the ribbon was down I just stuck my feather between the ribbon and the hat with a large dollop of glue.

The next step is the trickiest part, gluing the hat to the headband. The key is a mother load of glue. I’m a firm believer that you can never have too much glue during these types of situations. The tricky part is making sure the hat, which is now slicker than a greased pig from the glue, does not skate all over your headband. You should put your headband on first, take a gander in the mirror and get an idea about where you want your hat to sit. Once you have made a life choice glue that baby down and set it up to dry. I put mine out in the garden hanging over a tomato cage in the sun. It was 100 degrees yesterday and I had like 3 hours until show time, I needed to help my glue drying time along.

The next step is sometimes the hardest. Put on your new headband and make sure that you really have the inner strength to pull this bad boy off. It’s all fun and games when you are home alone in your studio making this, but your first step into a public place (mine was the 7-11 down the street) and the looks people will give you is where the line is drawn in the sand between the crafty girls and the crafty women. I was prepared and have worn way more obnoxious things in my time. Plus all night people complimented me on my hat and couldn’t believe that I made it myself. Needless to say at a country concert in Texas I was surrounded by real life cowboy hats.  

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