Overused Craft and Design Trends to Consider Leaving Behind for 2014

5 years ago

We are all guilty of beating a dead crafty horse from time to time. Long after a trend has jumped the shark, we still can’t stop “putting a bird on it.” Don’t get me wrong: I love a good Mason jar craft as much as the next guy -- but if I never saw another one (aside from the canning of actual food), that would be OK, too. That said, I humbly bring you my list of craft and design trends that we should all maybe resolve to take a break from in 2014.


My Musical Mustache Masks

On occasion, my husband will shave himself a tacky handlebar mustache just to annoy me. He is especially fond of doing this right before there will be lots of pictures taken. Let’s just say he looks like a member of The Village People for most of our family Christmas pictures. It might be his fault that I am over mustaches. Sure, I have made my fair share of mustache crafts -- even ones with actual fun fur. I’m thinking it might be time to leave my love of Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck in 2013.



My Lumberjack Felt Board

Let’s embrace a different type of facial hair in 2014. I still keep seeing beards popping up. Lumberjacks, Vikings, Santa: Lots of crafty fun is to be had with beards. My nephew just got a hat with a knitted beard attached -- every bit as cute as his mustache-adorned pacifier. But ... maybe this could be the year of sideburns or goatees?



My Crafty Curio Jars

I, too, got caught up in Mason jar fever: I used to package the Crafty Curio Kits I sold in my Etsy store in Mason jars. When cake pops were at their peak, I moved onto baking cakes in jars. And I still think that salads in a Mason jar are a lot cuter than salads in Tupperware. And I’ve seen it all: candles, soap dispensers, vases, snow globes and more -- I dare say these jars were the most over-used craft trend of 2013 (not to mention 2011 and 2012).

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My Valentine's Day Nut Chopper

My logic is this: Is a Mason jar really that much cuter than say an old pickle jar or a thrifted nut chopper? Didn’t the whole trend get started as a way to recycle old jars into crafts? Now we are buying brand-spanking-new Mason jars to craft with, as we throw away perfectly good glass spaghetti sauce and mayonnaise jars. I’m not totally kicking Masons to the curb, but I am suggesting less glass jar discrimination.



My Formal Living Room

I’ve got chevrons in my house, and I’m not afraid to publicly admit it. What I will say is that I have them on throw pillows -- so that I can put them away until after the chevron craze dies down a bit. I don’t like my clothes, crafts or home décor to look like everyone else's in the world. It seems like, for a hot minute in 2013, if it would sit still long enough -- someone was putting a chevron on it.

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My Game Room

I’m not sure patterns really go totally in and out of style -- and I get it that chevrons are easy to paint, with their nice clean lines. All I’m saying is: Why not revisit your old friend, the stripe? Your pal polka dots has been missing you. Say cheers to checkerboard. I’m not ready to hide my chevron throw pillows in a closet just yet, but when I find a fashionable replacement, they might go into hibernation until the chevron trend dies down a little bit.



My Cake Pop Holder With Bunting

News flash: Banners can be made in other shapes besides triangles. No,really, it’s true. I have thrown many a party with a car lot-style triangle pennant banner, but I’m ready to expand my horizons. Triangles are just one of many shapes. I know you want your kid’s party to look exactly like that party you saw on Pinterest. (Trust me I want my kid’s party to look like that, too.) However, every party you go to this spring will have that same triangle shaped bunting. Spice up little Suzy’s soiree with some circles or squares.

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My Fawn-Themed Birthday Party

I admit it, I’m not totally ready to let my triangle buntings go -- they're cute and classic, even if they are overdone. I love that mix-matched fabric, pom poms, fringe, and felt letters look as much as the next blogger. I am ready, however, to maybe try other shapes and styles. I believe in us. We can do this.



My Halloween Porch Pillows

As someone who grew up being called names like Punky Brewster and Rainbow Brite, I never understood the fascination with burlap. It’s scratchy and brown. I just don’t get it. Even if I loved burlap, though, it would still be time to set the potato sack down and back slowly away.

Feedsack Fabric Jewelry

If you want to use fabric that once held food, why not go for some feed sacks? Cute, soft and floral vintage feed sack fabric can satisfy your rustic farmhouse urges with a little more color and a lot less scratching. The small print is great for everything from throw pillows to making jewelry. If it is the neutral color you like, try something that is not going to chafe when you sit on it?

Which craft and design trends do you think are overused? And which ones will you always love, whether or not they're in style?

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