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5 years ago


At what time of the day do you feel the most energetic and productive?

Oddly enough, Mornings make me feel energized. This used to be a dreaded time in my earlier life….I was a night owl, but as I got older, I find that early to bed, early to rise, makes you healthy, happy and wise!

This is not to say that I don’t need some stimulants to get my motor running…..oh if it were only true that I could be stimulant free [only joking, just thought I'd throw a little P.C. in here for a laugh]

I just discovered the best way to make coffee, courtesy of Superstorm Sandy. Since I live in Atlantic City, New Jersey, we got hit bad and were without power for a long time……and no coffee!? Not true, we had gas cooking [no heat, but could cook] This is when I discovered that making coffee in a pot hit the spot…and tasted oh-so-much-better.

Now, I didn’t intend on doing this forever, and my old-fashioned percolator was not to live much longer, so along came a wonderful thing! A French Press!

I was bargain shopping online and saw one for id="mce_marker"0.00. Thought is looked good, but didn’t really know how to use it….this is where Google Search came in! It is so easy to make French Press coffee…just boil a pot of water in the tea-pot, pour it over the coffee grounds in the bottom of the press, stir and wait a bit, press and pour.

We buy bulk coffee, so this is the best way to save money, coffee, and cut out the need for 3-8 cups to get that jolt we all need. Just a cup, or maybe 2 because it tastes so good, and I’m good to go!

Now for you, dear readers, I have a little present if you have a French Press, or intend to get one…..I found this really cute free tutorial to make your very ownFrench Press Cozy to keep the pot warm. I just had to share, it was too dear to keep to myself. 


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