Convertible Knit Cowl

5 years ago

About two years ago I cast on to knit a leaf patterned shawl. This one, to be exact

Discovered here

As most knitters do, (or at least I tell myself this to feel better), I ran out of yarn and stashed the project as  a UFO, (UnFinishedObject), until I decided to order more.

Again, that was two years ago.

Given the opportunity to knit for a few hours on the way to Grandma's for Christmas, I grabbed the forgotten leaf-patterned piece of fabric from my bin and took her along to see what I could do.  This is what I ended up with

Not too tight, not too loose.  

Snug and warm, patterned delicately.  

A neutral color and an everyone-friendly design.  

I wanted to block it, but I really loved the ripples and texture from it being fresh off the needles.  It was a complete success just as is.

As most knitters do, (or at least I tell myself this to feel better) I gave it to my Grandma.  When I showed her the finished project, she loved it and said it was so pretty.  She put it on and ranted and raved about the functionality and gorgeous design.  I couldn't just take it back, you know?  So I told her to keep it, and she ranted and raved even more.  Such a supportive woman; as well as the woman who taught me to knit :)

Then she said, "I'd wear it like this.."

And I loved it even more.  It was now a leaf-patterned convertiblecowl.  She wore it like this for about an hour, telling me I should knit more and sell them.  She went on a tangent that would make those glossy-nailed, poufy-haired, nauseatingly-articulate and coffee-laden QVC queens beyond jealous.  She became my very own Billy Mays.  I love her energy and excitement for handmade things, especially when they are from her Grandbabies.

So with her suggestion, I'm going to design a cowl pattern.  She wanted me to just use this one but upon explanation of copyright infringement and dishonest knitting practices, we concluded I'd need to design my own.

"Copyright infringement?  In knitting?  What is the world coming to?" 

Bless her heart.. she would be just plain ecstatic and honored if someone copied her work :)

Beautiful inside and out..


Stay tuned for my very special and sweet, completely confident and kind, happy and proud Grandma-inspired cowl pattern.  Hopefully out in January :) post signature

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