cleaning efficiently

4 years ago
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IMG_5146-2 I loooove having a clean house. But I hate spending tons of time getting it that way. Especially since the perfectly clean house doesn't seem to last long with the two humans and two pugs who live in our house. So I'm trying to be more efficient with my cleaning so I'm not cleaning constantly. Here are the ways I'm working on cleaning efficiently.

Make a plan

I get easily distracted, so if I start putting papers away in the office but then I see a pile of clothes, I'll start putting them away. Then I walk downstairs to change laundry and see some dishes, so then I start those, etc. Next thing I know, an hour is gone and I've not finished one single task. Grr. So I need to just tell myself that I'm going to take a certain chunk of time to do 1-2 things well, instead of 8 things crappily.

Do a few tasks a day

Some people like to do one weekly huge cleaning, but that is a pain to me. It's easier to do a few tasks each day for a smaller chunk of time. Example - yesterday I changed the sheets, did some laundry and cleaned the bathroom. During the week, I try to keep up with dishes, vacuum the living room, put laundry away, do some yard work, etc. On Saturday I can clean the kitchen, sweep the floors and dust. I've been doing more yard work lately on the weekends too, but I still try to break up those tasks too since it's a ton of work.

Pick a zone

Instead of just doing a couple random tasks each day, like above, maybe do a zone or room each day. It's a little easier to do a few tasks in one space, like say the kitchen. Empty the dishwasher, wipe off the counters, clean the floors, etc and then you have some time before you need to tackle the space.

Enlist help

If you don't live alone, you shouldn't have to do all the work alone. If you live with your significant other, put them to work! Jarrod strangely likes doing laundry, so he usually does that, which is a huge help. If you have kids, put them to work with age appropriate tasks (duh, you probably can't make your toddler do laundry or dishes).

Set aside a few hours to tackle big projects

Need to do a ton of yard work or clean out the garage or basement? For these projects, I like to set aside a chunk of time (and enlist help!) and get that big project knocked out in one go. Then depending on your hoarding skills, you probably won't need to clean the garage or basement for awhile. My free time lately has been consumed with yard projects (pictures soon!) so I know some projects aren't done in one go. But having a bigger chunk of time definitely helps.


Play some of your fave tunes and your everyday cleaning or bigger cleaning projects will be less painful. It's science. What are some of your cleaning tips? And how was your weekend? I hung out with my friends, did some yard work and we saw the new X-Men movie, which was great. Weekends always fly by!