Clean Your Dryer Lint

5 years ago
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Do you clean out your dryer on a consistent basis?  Do you just clean the lint filter and call it a day?  Well, I learned this last weekend you should have a schedule where you spend an hour cleaning it out for your families safety.  My laundry was just way behind because it would take me all day to just get one load dry and sometimes when I pushed to turn on the dryer it took a few seconds to kick on.  It would take 3-4 times turning the dryer on to get the clothes or towels and blankets completely dry.  Well, this kind of behavior could have caused a fire, thank goodness it did not.  There are several spots that collect lint that needs to be cleaned out and should be done every 6 months or so.

The lint filter is not the only place that catches the lint.  Your inside of the dryer gets caked with lint.  This poses a fire hazard and increases drying times for your laundry just like I had experienced this last weekend.  Most dryers do allow you to remove the top or front panel.

So, from now on my my dryer will be cleaned out.  I put a calendar item into my online calendar that will pop up to remind me every 6 months.