Christmas Fairy Door and Magic Window

4 years ago
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Let's face it. The holidays are here. I may not be ready yet, but our fairies have already decked their halls.

To be honest, I was excited about the idea of decorating the kid's Fairy Door and Magic Window way before I had even made them and snuck them into their rooms. I love extreme proportions which is the exact reason I have a giant paintbrush in my office and a tiny rubber chicken in my wallet. Tiny lights? Tiny wreath? Yes, please!

Decorating was easy. All I did was drape the lights around the door. (My kids are good about not touching.) For Vaughn's wreath I did switch out the bow. The wreath came with a red bow but I preferred a white one for hers so I cut it off, tied a new bow, and hot glued it on. I stuck a little piece of wire in the back and made a loop so that it hangs onto the door knocker. 

I did the same for Vance's lights - just draped them around. To hang the wreath I put a tiny drop of hot glue on the back of it and am crossing my fingers it will peel off the plastic window when it's time to take it off. (I think it will work fine.)

Want to see how I made the original Fairy Door and Magic Window? Check out these links: Fairy Door and Magic Window.

Hopefully these little decorations will buy me some more time and hold the kids off from wanting to drag the trees out! I need at least one more week!

How about you? Are you ready to decorate?

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