Choosing Countertops Materials

2 months ago

So, your home repair approaches to finish and that moment has come – you have to make your choice about kitchen and bathroom countertop. Actually, you could just wave your hand “C’mon, who cares?” and pick out of thin air.


But there is one point. This countertop is going to serve you for several years, and that is why you have to choose it according to style, color and size of the room.


We have googled lots of websites (like Concrete Counter Top website, for instance) and here are some brief descriptions of popular countertop materials. So, shall we?


Made of solid synthetic materials, Solid surface countertop is a new type of countertops, available for efficient installation both in the kitchen and bathroom.

Tile countertop is that made of ceramic, glass or porcelain. Due to this variety tile countertops have got almost unlimited range of styles.

Eco Friendly countertop – a new but already popular type because of not only available prices and wide range of variants, but also because of what they do for environment.

Lava countertop has a unique beauty and high functionality. Top characteristics, high quality, esthetic satisfaction - everything that the owners look for in bathroom and kitchen countertop.

Stainless steel countertops – sharp, cold and elegant beauty with lots of extra practical benefits.Granite countertops are considered to be luxurious, elegant, strong and the richest-looking. And, needless to say, one of the most expensive material.

Quartz, or engineering stone countertops. Such countertops are made of 93% of quartz crystals.

Laminate countertops still are very popular among buyers. They are quite affordable, unlike granite or marble, and are available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Concrete countertops (or cement countertops) are a new offer for kitchen and bathroom. New formula of concrete makes it light, and its price won’t hurt family budget. Available in different colors, shapes and with different fillings.

Glass countertops are unique in their beauty. Especially look suitable in stylish designs of modern houses.

Butcherblock or wooden countertops are a perfect choice for food preparation. As a bathroom countertop wood also is used. Very popular material, especially it will look good in a traditional kitchen

Marble countertops – in brief, the most elegant and elite material of all. Therefore, the most expensive.

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