The Cheapest Moving Materials Are Ones You Already Own

10 months ago

Moving can be tough, stressful, time consuming, and expensive. Especially when you’re trying to do everything on your own. You try to save money by renting a truck instead of using movers, but you’re still left with the dreaded expense of packing supplies. At expensive it can get. Styrofoam peanuts and bubble wrap not only cost a pretty penny, but are harmful on the environment as well. So, do your wallet and the Earth a favor, and use items you already have around the house to help make your packing experience a little bit more enjoyable. Here’s a list of just a few items we suggest that will help you get to your new home.

First on the list is Sandwich Bags. These handy little devils are great for tiny nuts and bolts for when you need to take apart your furniture. They can also be filled with air and used as protective fillers in boxes that hold more delicate items.

Next, we have Hampers. These are not only great for holding your dirty laundry, but throw in mid-sized bulky items, boots, shoes, and toys. It gives you a great way to carry multiple items when you start to run low on all your cheap packing boxes.

Suitcases. These are pretty self explanatory, and are perfect for the same types of items that you couldn’t fit in your hampers. Plus, because most of them have wheels, they are also great for heavier items such as electronics, games, DVDs, and books.

Next up on the list we have towels and linens. Towels are great when used to wrap plates, vases, glasses, and other breakable décor. Linens and heavy blankets are ideal for covering furniture and TVs to help them from getting scratched or dented.

Socks are fantastic because you always have them, sometimes too many, and they are the perfect mix of soft and cushiony to be used as fillers for cheap moving boxes. They can also double as covers for fragile dishes, cutlery, and stemmed glasses. Just probably make sure you wash them first.

Clothing in general is always a great way to wrap fragile items. Plus, it helps start to clean out your closet! Sweaters can be placed at the bottom of packing boxes as a nice soft lining. Which can provide cushioning if the box gets placed down a little too forcefully.

Other miscellaneous items such as twist ties, Rubbermaid containers, decorative baskets, trash pails, and other bags are great for your household items. Twist ties can be used to tie together cords and electrical plugs. Rubbermaid containers are great for pantry items, heavy pots and pans, small kitchen appliances, etc. Trash pails and decorative baskets are also great for storage and eliminate the need for more cheap shipping boxes. Bags should be taken advantage of as packing materials, because let’s be honest, doesn’t it seem a little counter productive to pack a bag of bags?

Trash bags. These babies have more than just a use for trash. You want to clean and pack your closet ASAP? Just throw you clothes, hangers and all, into a trash bag and it’ll be ready to move! No mess, no fuss, and you can reuse them for their original purpose when you get to your new home!

Boxes. Now, you may have some lying around and you may not. A lot of places will actually sell cheap moving boxes, but you may have some you wouldn’t have even thought about using. For instance, consider beer boxes. These are great because they can handle a lot of weight, have handles on the side, and are just another great excuse to drink beer!

While packing and moving isn’t always the most fun experience in the world, it doesn’t have to miserable either. Follow these tips, and give your wallet and your sanity a little extra peace of mind. 

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