Candied Citrus Peel

5 years ago
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If you would like to make candy from something you would otherwise throw away, you might like to try making candied citrus peel.  After all, you normally toss or compost peels.  This way, they become a nice candy or cake decorating item.

Keep in mind that it may be best to use organic or home-grown fruit.  After all, the poison residue from conventional fruit will be in your final prodcut.

This is more of a technique than a recipe.  I have tried both with and without the pith.  (That is, the white inner part of the peel.) 

To pith or not to pith: Pro: it's a bit sweeter with the pith, as it absorbs more sugar.  Con: With the pith dries slower.

Without Pith: Pro: dries faster.  Con: Not as tasty.

Take fresh citrus peels and remove the pulp, if any. Cut the peel into the size you want for your candy.  Place the peels in a saucepan and cover with water.  Bring to a boil and simmer 5-10 minutes.  Repeat twice.  Note: boiling the peels reduces bitterness, but boiling too many times or too long with reduce the flavor.

Place the boiled peels into a strainer.  Measure equal parts water and sugar into your saucepan.  One and a half cups each will work for the peel of about three orange sized fruit.  Heat until sugar is disolved.  Add the peel and simmer about 10 minutes until the peel is nicely sweet.

Remove the peel from the syrup.  You can save the syrup to flavor other items if you wish.  Allow the peel to dry on a wire rack until it is mostly dry but still a bit sticky.  Roll the peices, a few at a time, in sugar.  Allow peels to dry on the rack until they are no longer sticky and pliant.  Store in air-tight container.

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