Can I Get a What-What? It's Crafting Time!

8 years ago

Okay, so here we go, first post on a new blog site! Boy am I excited! A few of you followed me on my old Myspace page, but now it's time to bring in the upbeat. It's a new year, a new life, and a new love for me. My little son Toby has taught me much in the six months he has been around. I've learned how to love life finally, and give back to the karma of the universe.

With that being said, I am starting something new. I am hoping to achieve a new goal. I am going to do my best to donate to a new cause every month. Of course, I am so very poor just like every other young momma with a new baby. Diapers are not cheap, but crafting is! Upcycling is all the rage right now, and who wouldn't want crafty little things donated to a non-profit group?

This month I have picked our two local animal shelters, The Humane Society, and the Animal Assistance Group to donate hand crafted play mice for the in-house cats.

I picked up two half metre swatches of fun fur in cream and light brown at the local Fabricland. I heart the ladies there. I make a pilgramage there once a week with my son. We spend about two hours looking at fabrics and another hour passing Toby around to the ladies. Eveyone loves my son!

The fun fur is, as you obviously know, for the bodies of the mice. For the ears and tails I used small scraps of while polar fleece from my sewing bag and embrodery floss for the eyes and nose.

I am missing my camara right now or I would post of pictures of my steps on how to make them. Coffee misteriously got spilt on my camara, and I am not the household coffee drinker! :0  I will try to at least take some shots with the webcam and post them soon in a new entry.

The goal is to make 100 mice. Fifty per shelter. As of right now I have twenty almost complete (they are still missing noses) and seventeen others in batch process. They need their bellies sewn and stuffed, and of course, the noses as well. That is thirty-seven. Still sixty-three away from my goal, and thirteen more days to do it. I need to average 4.8 mice per day. Okay, lets just say five when you include the 17 that are almost done.

I am really hoping I can do it.

So here is my challenge to you! I want someone else match my goal of 100 handmade cat toys for their local shelter. Send me in a pic if you can do it. Heck, if you even just make ten it`s better than none. These cats need some entertainment, no matter what shelter they are located at. I`d love to see any pics of the cat toys you have made, and I will post them on my blog.

Once this blog is up and running I think we will start having monthly challenger contests to match my monthly goals. This could be a lot of fun, people!

Remember that shelter cats need safe toys. No loose strings or yarn that can be eaten, and secure all stitching and stuffing. If you are making toys with catnip, try making some without too (for the cats that can`t have it) and colour coding it so the workers know who to give what. Avoid beads that can be chewed off as well. If you are unsure of your local shelters rules, call and ask.

No more stalling! Here we go!


Oh, and the total of the cost.

4.00 per half metre of fur

3.49 for cotton thread

4.99 for oversized bag of catnip

fleece on hand

embroidry floss on hand

stuffing leftover from funiture store



Pets may only be here for a short while, but they teach us things we would never be able to learn on our own in many lifetimes.

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