Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day: POP ON!

7 years ago

In what may be the silliest day of commemoration on this or any other planet, various days, mostly the 31st of January, have been declared "Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day." And, because the winter has been so long and dreary already, as it mimics the chilly economy, I am ready to hurl myself headlong -- not into a snowbank, but into the whole-hearted appreciation of bubble wrap. Why the heck not?

And, should you be rising from your chair in alarm, exclaming, "But ... bubble wrap is not GREEN!" I say, "Nay, but it is!" I have found many sites that are now manufacturing green, biodegradable bubble wrap, both here and abroad. There is also bubble wrap manufactured from recycled plastic. So, I assure you that the bubble wrap I laud is the green kind.)

Oh, the satisfying plik-plik-plik of sequentially popped little pockets of air! Who among us has not indulged in a little creative bubble-wrap-popping? It is a secret guilty pleasure for the masses, an inexpensive toy, a nervous habit, an indulgence.

Back in the day, when I was working or a company that did a number of industry trade shows, standing for hours at our company's booth was exhausting. We would secretly slip off our high heels and stand on mats we had made of bubble wrap just to cushion our feet. But that is hardly the most innovative use this magic stuff. What follows is an odd compendium of bubble wrap trivia.

Bubble Wrap: Uses, Fun Blogs and Odd Things

1. LOLCats has a variety of cat pictures and videos celebrating bubble wrap. Apparently the appeal is not just female but feline as well!

2. Sara at Frugal Village suggests using it to apply to windows as insulation from the winds of winter.

3. In an act that I can only call an example of amusing excess, there is a street in the UK that was prone to many accidents, so as an example of the need for caution last year, an insurance company covered everything on the street, from buildings to trees to garden gnomes, in bubble wrap. Click here for pictures.

4. Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day was started 11 years ago by two DJs in Indiana as a joke. It caught on.

5. To waste time by popping the wrap on screen, try this game. Warning. It can become addictive. Pop at your own risk.

6. Bubble wrap was invented by two New Jersey scientists, Alfred W. Fielding and Marc Chavannes. It was launched on January 31, 1960 and was originally intended to be -- guess what? -- wallpaper!

7. This article shows a picture of a premature baby whose life was saved by wrapping him in bubble wrap. Apparently, that is often done with newborns, according to the article from Scotland.

8. The Bubble Wrap company, Sealed Air, has a site called "Bubble Wrap Fun" with games, pictures, lists, gifts and almost everything possibly related to bubble wrap.

9. The Daily Baker at The Daily Cupcake has even made cupcakes with simulated bubble wrap made from chocolate. YUM!

10. One suggestion for recycling bubble wrap is to wrap it around a cold beverage can to serve as a way to keep the liquid cold.

11.z at Entertainment Star suggests: "Use bubble wrap to protect and defend your refrigerator drawers from the likes of spills, drips, and all other intruders! It also serves as a means to shelter delicate fruits such as peaches & plumbs from bruising."

Thinking Environmentally Sane Thoughts About Bubble Wrap

Even with biodegradable products, the most environmentally sane approach is to reduce and re-use. What can you do to re-use bubble wrap? I save every scrap that arrives here and re-use it when I have to mail something. But I love the idea of using it as a cushion in the vegetable drawer. I have a friend who re-uses squares of it between her china "good dishes" so they do not clatter or chip against each other.

I love the stuff, for all the fun reasons. But we also need to think about best uses for products like this. One stat that I saw said that the world uses enough of the stuff every year to wrap around the globe 10 times.

So, creative BlogHers, what can we do to re-use or re-purpose Bubble Wrap? What have you done? What are you willing to do?

~~ Contributing Editor, Mata H. also blogs right along at Time's Fool