Brought to You by the Letter "H"

5 years ago

The large majority of blogs I read are full of posts about crafts. Soooo many of you out there in the blog world are into crafting and are showing off your projects along with tutorials about how to make them. And much of the time, these are the parts that I am skipping over. Sorries. A part of me is like, who the heck are all these women who have all this time to spend making wreaths and coasters and picture frames and goodness knows what else?

Well, I may have gone over to the dark side. Yes, me, the girl who thinks of "do-it-yourself" as "do-it-yourself" (like someone else make it so I can buy it at the store please) has done a couple of crafty things lately. I don't think that they can really be considered as "projects," but they did involve things like paint, paintbrushes, glue--ya know, craft stuff. And I actually kind of enjoyed making them.

There's the letter "H" that I referred to in the post title. It kind of helped inspire this little foray into crafting. I came across a white wooden letter when I was at Joann fabrics shopping for flowers for my Derby hat. "H" is the initial of Kevin's last name and it will be mine too as of November 10 (or whenever I get through all the tedious business that goes into legally changing your name) so I thought it would be a cute little knick-knack in our apartment. And then I thought, wouldn't it be even cuter with a colorful coat of paint? So I picked up some yellow acrylic paint and a paintbrush, brought it home and went to town. Easy as anything could be, but I was quite pleased with the finished product. I think it adds a nice little touch by some of the books in our apartment.


Pinterest gave me my next idea for a craft. There are so many craft ideas on Pinterest involving wine corks, and while I may not be so into crafts, I do like me some wine. I had actually been saving wine corks in a vase for quite a few years and after seeing all of the cool craft ideas, I made sure to get every cork I could get my hands on. I decided to make a cork bulletin board using all of the corks. Here's the work I did last night:

One problem--I totally ran out of corks! WTF?! There are already 48 on there! And the frame I used is not big at all. So it is a work in progress, but I already like how it is coming together. All I did was take an old picture frame I wasn't using anymore, removed the glass and hot glued the corks to the material underneath. I think it will look super cute in our kitchen area or office once it is completed. Until then, I'll be gladly accepting any and all gifts of wine!

-Miss Mare

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