Brimfield, here we come!

5 years ago


Just a few more days and I'll be jumping on the Bridgeport/Port Jefferson ferry and a tour bus to get to Brimfield, MA for the last antique and collectables show of the season. If you've never been, try to schedule a trip for next year. So many wonderful treats all packed into one area. I could spend days and a fortune if I was let loose!

Each time I do one of these large flea market type trips, I am a little wiser. Ive learned:

* Bring along a hat and sunglasses no matter what the weather - just in case you need that extra protection in addition to a good sunblock.

*Pack a lunch and snacks. The prices at some of these venues are startling, the choices are limited to hot dogs, burgers, bagels, and fried items that don't fit into my diet, and I'd rather spend money on objects than food. There are usually picnic areas where you can eat your own food.

*Also, a few bottles of frozen water will stay cold all day long and, again, save you money. 

*I saw what the other shoppers were doing, so I had added one of these little wheely carts to my repertoire.

A very necessary accessory. Folds up when not in use

Now, while this is a very helpful and useful accessory, I find that those tiny wheels and those thin stands make it a little difficult to haul my finds.

*The bigger the wheel, the better the tow. Right after my last trip, I made a decision to search craigslist and the local Freecyle for THIS:

Step-2 Tag Along Wagon and Trailer

Good old craigslist!! It was $20.00 - no debate from me.  One man's trash is this woman's treasure! I've already packed it full and rolled it across the sand at the beach with excellent results.  So, I'll be trying to get this onto the bus next weekend. (No more dragging chairs around on my arm all day long...)

Just as a warmup, I looked around this Labor Day weekend at the local garage sales. Quite surprisingly, I didn't find anything of interest to me, BUT when I popped in to the local thrift store, I learned that Saturday is 50%-off-all-furniture-day. Here are my new additions to the chair pile.

Believe it or not, the chair with the great legs - such nice turnings and carvings - was cheaper. Marked at $8.99. The smaller pine chair with the woven seat (in perfect condition!) was marked at $16.99. My final price: $13.01. I was giddy!!

Now to get painting. I have quite the growing collection in my garage and need to start decorating them. I've got loads of plans in my head and have informed my husband that he will be doing a lot of painting in the future. Need to take some creative action!

But first, BRIMFIELD!

SO -- What did YOU find this weekend?

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